Thursday, 1 January 2009


It's supposed to be the theme of this month. I guess it's a bit connected with New Year's resolutions and all. I haven't really got any. Mostly because I don't know yet if I want to change. I want a new job though. And that's about it.

It's weird, isn't it. Think about yourself 10 years ago. Since then you've certainly changed a lot! But did you ever notice that big change? Over the course of those years it seemed that you weren't changing. It wasn't like your thoughts suddenly were another's, like it may feel to you now. You don't think like that person that was you ten years ago, and yet you can't tell how you came from that person to what you are now. Were you ever afraid when you were young that you might one day think in those weird ways that grown-ups seemed to do? That you would have the same values as them? And did you ever wish now that you could go back to the carefree life of a child, with the naivety and innocence that followed. But no matter how hard we tried, the slow change gradually came upon us without us noticing. But what we can do is to try and look back at every step we take and see if it was a good step. That way, even though we can't stop the change, we can control it so it's only for the better. And this without forgetting our old values.

And now a new year has just begun. Perhaps it's time to look back at the year that passed and see how we changed, if we can notice it at all. It's time to see the good and the bad points and choose a path that we want to take, pursuing our strength and laying behind the weaknesses.

My new year was a bit chaotic like I planned. One of the people cancelled on the night, and at that time we had already bought all the food. A bit annoying. But it was quite a glorious feast, and my fridge has never been as full as it is now :P. And we did enjoy ourselves watching a Danish comedian on TV as well as Sin City (what a fucked up film :P..). Around 10 o'clock we went to a friend I know from Belgium's friend's summerapartment in Copenhagen. Lots of drinking and having fun. The only bad point was my friend from university who tagged along with me and behaved in the most ridiculously bad way and said some quite unacceptable things. He may have been a bit drunk, but so were we, and that doesn't mean you say just anything. It got so bad we wanted to make him leave, and when we succeeded he just went around in a circle and came straigh back after 15min saying he couldn't find his way. And he promptly threw up. Again. And then I decided to leave, and he came with me. A comment from my friend from Belgium: "Try not to kill him".

Other than that, I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year, and I hope you'll make the right choices!!

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