Sunday, 25 January 2009

Wandering to nowhere

Just about managed to do it in time today (it's 23:59, hehe). Other than that, today was pretty much uneventful. I managed to get up around 11 o'clock and I started packing my bag for the trip to Spain on Tuesday. Also informed the other three fellow travellers, and drew myself a map for finding the hostel upon arrival. I also found out we're stopping by Zurich, and it's cool because I've never been in Switzerland before. I also tried getting my iPod to work, but it refuses to turn on. I hope it's the battery that's dead and that my pc hasn't shortcircuited yet another thing. My computer shortcircuited my mobile, my digital camera before and now maybe my iPod. Maybe it's trying to be evil to me. It sure is weird that it suddenly does those things randomly when I connect the before-mentioned items.

Tomorrow is up really early. I need to talk with the janitor of this appartment complex about the bike trailer on Tuesday. Also need to wash a few clothes and buy some last minute things before packing the last of my stuff for Spain.

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