Sunday, 4 January 2009

It's staring me right in the eye

Today one of two things happened. I either slept until 3 o'clock, or time decided to fastforward and I actually only slept until 11 o'clock and time just decided to skip 4 hours ahead for no apparent reason. So the day was kind of short.

I made a self-analysis yesterday, something I haven't done in ages. To try and find out why I was reacting like I did, and it worked. Well, perhaps I should have become a psychologist after all :P. It can be fun finding reasons for why people behave or feel in certain ways, especially when they don't understand it themselves. Besides, enzymes' allosteric regulators don't interest me that much to be honest.

I realised today that we had a test tomorrow. Kind of an evil way to start out after a holiday, don't you think. Well, I haven't had enough time to read the stuff, so I'll just do my best and see what happens. And the trip to Spain (as it now is) with people from univeristy, is proceeding very, very nicely. We're proposing the final plan tomorrow and then reserving the rooms and flight tickets. It has to be a success =D!

I'm getting up at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning, and frankly, I'm not looking forward to it. I probably may not fall asleep tonight before, let's say, 3 o'clock, and that leaves me with around 3 hours worth of sleep. Not enough. I guess tomorrow will be in the sign of coffee. Especially because after the lectures I have to go study effectively since exams are only a little over 2 weeks away. Wish me luck =).

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