Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Regarde bien le monde qui t'entoure

Long day, cold day. University life is becoming so weird. I can't sort out anything anymore. The world needs to stand still a few days. I have difficulty getting to grips with and understanding some people (a few actually). And I'm also having difficulties reading people's intentions and meanings, and I don't know what I wish myself either. And exams are coming up. Yeah, quite a mess I'm in :P.

The only really good thing that happened today is still a secret. Since I know that person will read this blog and go "omg :D", if I said it. And I can use it for bargaining with her later :D. Let's just say I solved a difficult challenge (and I know she remembers now) =D.

Tomorrow is the pig dissection. I'm kind of indifferent to it though. I don't see the whole point of doing all the other dissections as well. Sure enough, the essays we did were good, but isn't this part of the exercise more for fun than for anything academic :P.

Nothing much more so say, I guess. Other than to look well at the world around you and see how much of it you actually understand.

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