Saturday, 24 January 2009

Hey, can I talk to you for a moment?

Got up a bit more normally today. Started out with badminton and then lunch with a friend. Then we went home to my place and discussed random stuff. Tried teaching him a piano song because he wanted to, and it half succeeded. In the end (after max 10 minutes) he didn't have the patience :P.

Then went to his place and played some table football. And I'm sad to say that if I don't start practicing again, the student will surpass the teacher :P. It all depends on the type of table, of course, but still. We also watched a bit of X Factor (sort of Danish version of American Idol) and some James Bond. Also transferred a lot of my songs to his pc from my external hard drive (those things are great!). I think he got about 50 songs or more.

I ended up taking the last bus home, and that's why I'm writing this after midnight once again. I also got invited to a party and subsequent night in town tomorrow. By a guy living in Copenhagen. Yep. And I'm going.

Tomorrow morning is also my last round of newspaper delivery. And then I'm finished with it. Forever =D! I just hope it doesn't start raining or gets too cold (with my usual luck, it'll probably do both :P).

Not much more to say about today, I guess. I'm still learning the song Only Time by Enya on piano. It's kind of easy compared to other songs I've already learnt. But now I'm tired and I'm going to sleep.

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