Saturday, 30 May 2009

Melody of the Evanescent Scud

It's soon people's birthdays (like it always is). I'm having trouble finding out what I should get as presents. Getting one thing from China already, but I'm gonna buy something more; just don't know what yet.

And guess who once again got his bike punctured on the way to university, as far away from train stations as possible. Yurrrp, and had to walk with it all the way to the nearest station, pay for both myself and the bike and pay for repairs once I got home. Just great. It's all those stupid broken beer bottles thrown everywhere on the streets in Copenhagen.

I don't really know how I'll be able to finish everything this next month. I have two presentations, two reports and an exam that covers material we've learnt in the past half year. All in one month. Most of it is in groups, but I'm getting a bit tired of having to coordinate everything. Especially when one member is near impossible to contact.

And I'm also saddened at the many people already departing from my university course to instead study something else. We're already few people, and there is a limited amount of people that you can be friends with in any large group. And when those begin leaving it's suddenly not looking so fun anymore. On the other hand, I don't want those people who are leaving to change their mind just because they might feel guilty of leaving. I hope they'll be happy in the new courses that they choose. It's just a real pity that they won't be allowed into our university bar as anything other than invited guests. Socially, I don't see an especially bright future. But anything might happen, we'll see.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Experiencing pneumothorax

A different day today. 1st of May. Day of the workers. Huge masses of people in the park all drinking beer. Lots of pollen in the air -> Allergy pills. Lots of beers -> Drinking. Allergy pills + Drinking = Dangerous combination. You get so drunk and so quickly (and sudenly). Thanks to a cup of coffee i managed to make it through the day.

I went to a grill party in the evening. It was quite nice, but uneventful. Got to talk with two people who'd lived in Luxembourg before. They knew some people that I know too. It's funny how much easier it is for me to talk to random people and keep a conversation going when I'm drunk :P.

Also had quite an annoying episode today. I had burnt two long films in 8 episodes and spent four cd's doing so. I wanted to give it for free to a friend. I had joked that she could give me 1 kr. for it. But that was only a joke. When she actually comes and says in a quite serious tone: "Well, we agreed on 1 kr." and accepts the bundle just like that, I get seriously annoyed. I don't know. Perhaps show a little more enthousiasm maybe? I spent quite some time doing that, and those blank cd's I bought for quite some money. If somebody had done that for me (and considering we don't know each other THAT well) I would be overjoyed. And not been so insulting as to pay such a ridiculous amount. I would have been MUCH more happy if she had just given me a hug, or simply not given me such a stupid amount. It's seriously insulting. She probably doesn't see it that way. And I don't want her to know I see it this way, since it won't matter I think.

On Monday is the midterm test in humane biology. Am I ready? No. I still have 10 more chapters to read before I've caught up to where we are in class. But I'm working on it.

At the end I'll add some nice stuff I did for bioinformatics. Yesterday I just sat one hour and did it. And it was fun. And now I've completed all the bioinformatics for my team in protein chemistry. I've found everything that was asked for, done the pictures and written explanations for our lab results and arranged it all nicely in a word document ^^. My team will be happy :D.

And if you wonder what is is: It's a picture of the tertiary structure of the B form (very hard to find) of the protein beta lactoglobulin with the two amino acid residues which are mutated from the A form highlighted in red. Lol, sounds much more advanced than it is :P.