Friday, 2 January 2009

Will you remember?

I calmed down after yesterday. I went to bed really early and slept quite long. And when I woke I felt better. The day today was kind of calm.

The guy I was supposed to play badminton yet slept too long. So we ended up playing at seven in the evening instead. And when the courts were all full, we ended up exploring the sports hall. We found another smaller sports room with a table tennis ball, a volleyball and two goals. And this we used to invent games to play while we waited. It quite fun using your badminton rackets to shoot at the goal with table tennis balls while the other person defends. And some other rules I won't bother explaining here. And afterwards there was some weird gas in the changing rooms so people had to evacuate and change outside. Kind of a weird experience.

When I came home afterwards I gamed a little and that was about it. Tomorrow I'm holding a sort of dinner (with people hopefully bringing their own drinks, I hope it's not necessary for me to have to tell them, since we're all students..) for the people in my group also writing about the domestic pig. Here we get to show each other the work we've done, and hopefully compile it and send it off to our anatomy teacher.

And I got a shitload of newspapers and commercials for delivering tomorrow. I'm not giving up, but I sure am starting to hate it now :P. And it's getting so cold outside. There are ice crystals on every surface. It's weird how much this place changes just because of a small tilt of the Earth compared to the Sun. Imagine placing huge mirrors around the Earth to reflect the sunlight and create an all year round summer. Would you welcome that change? No more winter depression, huge heat bills or freezing outside. But also no sleighing, winter landscapes or hot chocolate by the fire.

University is soon starting again, albeit only for a week and then a weeks reading up for exams. And then the exams. "Tremble mortals and despair. Doom has come to this world, " :P. And then hopefully a brilliant holiday with fellow students to Spain or Portugal, or whatever we end up deciding.

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