Sunday, 11 January 2009

Lol, wth, omfg rofl tbh!

A sort of another randomly quiet day. I'm thinking about abandoning the point system. And I feel so happy. I don't know why. But I just do. I'm not worried about any of the things I've worried about this past week anymore. Perhaps it just helped that I talked a bit about it yesterday. Or not. But anyway, it's been a great day even though not really a lot has happened.

I slept until around 1 o'clock. I had had loads of weird dreams about talking to loads of random people and smiling and feeling great, so I woke up feeling pretty energised. Breakfast, shower and then out walking in the cool afternoon for about 1,5 hours, finding another geocache and logging my visit. Then home to a tiny bit of reading about fatty acid degradation (β-oxidation) and doing random stuff at the pc. I sorted through my friends, applications and notifications on Facebook. Not a small job, but I ended up deleting three people because I plainly don't know them. Also removed a few random applications and ignored about 156 random notifications. Bwah.. I also saw a 40 min "making of" film about South Park. It's quite interesting since I'm a sort of mild fan.

I ate a lot of ice cream for dessert today. And I just realise I forgot sending that resignation letter to my employer. I'll have to do that tomorrow I guess. Which reminds me that I have to still read some more for tomorrow's practice, which reminds me that the exam isn't so far away actually, which reminds me that there's a lot of work, which reminds me that I should maybe begin worrying maybe a little, but I'm not. Which is a bit strange. My mum also called today and asked if I had bought new shoes and if I was weight-training or not. Which was pretty much even weirder.

So all in all; a random, happy day!

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