Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The dodo bird became extinct for a reason

Hmm, is probably the most intelligent thing I can say about today. It was fucked. I also added one point. I just came home and now I have less than 15 minutes to finish the rest of the post, so here goes!

Started the day quite early. Up, shower, clothes, breakfast, not bothering to wash up again, thinking about my bike, out the door, no mail, bus and then university. A pretty calm, but alright exercise lesson. Someone cancels our scheduled exam studying. But it's alright (now :P --- nah, I forgive easily). I ended up going back to my place with the first guy for lunch and exercises. It goes well and we get a lot done. Then a guy invites me back to his place and that we're having dinner and playing games and watching movies. Wtf. And so it happens.

We have quite a good time. Dinner was nice (got to talk with his parents about Belgian politics - NOT my strong side), games were fun (first time playing Guitar Hero, and now I want to get better) and the movie was awesome (Fight Club). He followed me back to the station and he acted weird. Can't quite explain it. What I don't get is.. Pretty much everything. The more I get pissed off at him, the more he likes me, and today when we played Xbox he said he didn't want to look stupid in front of me. What the hell is that supposed to mean? I told him I didn't care and that there was nothing wrong with looking stupid in front of others, and he answered something in the likes of "yeah.. well..", in a sort of arrogant way. Don't ask me. No fucking clue :P.

I still have a lot to read tonight and tomorrow I'm getting up early, and biking home if the weather's good. I have one more minute. This is going out now!

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