Sunday, 18 January 2009

Ding, dong, merrily on high..

Early start again today with newspaper delivery. It was freezing cold. And came home to a huge package with 200 letters from my old boss containing an ad about if someone wanted to take over my route now that I'm leaving. And she wants me to deliver them to all the houses on my route. Not only is that extra work for me (for which I will not be paid) but it's ridiculously bad mannered. I seriously considering just throwing them away. And I got my game from England plus the one from Sweden. Ecco the Dolphin =).

We also finished practicing for comparative anatomy today, and I think we're alright for the exam now. We had a nice time at my place studying and eating loads of ice cream :P. Also talked a bit about studying abroad and foreign universities.

And I know this is too late, and I'm too tired. So just imagine something else interesting that happened today and insert it here :P..

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