Friday, 16 January 2009

Do not mix milk and coke; the foam won't disappear

A net good day. No points touched. I went to the questions lecture, but it was nothing special. I didn't really learn anything. One of the lecturers acted like he wanted us to know every little single thing in the book, while the other one was much more honest about what we had to know. But strangely, I got the impression that they were actually angry at us asking them questions; as if it challenged their ability to teach, just because we couldn't remember every single thing. I'm relaly not looking forward to exams.

I also played flute today to see if I could still do it. And I could, and remarkably well too. I still know all the notes and I can play immediately just by watching the sheet music =). And I impressed a friend with my piano playing skills after a really good game of badminton, where I had played better than usual :D. I guess I had a lucky day today. After badminton we went and had lunch and then went back to my place. We watched some random Japanese game shows on Youtube (they're insane), and had loads of fun. He invited me back to his place, but I said no thanks considering the exam practicing.

Then some exam practising. Which gave me a headache. There's SO much to know for biochemistry. And it's really draining my energy keeping all the top of my head at the same time. I'm soon going to reach the point that if I try to learn something new again, it will make me forget some of the old stuff I learnt. So I keep having to refresh the other things I know or risk forgetting it. And that's annoying. It was like learning the lines for that two hour long play in old English I performed in, about two years ago. The difference is just that this time we have about 1/50th of the time to learn and remember it all. Great :P..

Tomorrow is more exam practice and the second-last time I'll be out delivering newspapers. I hope the weather doesn't get too bad.

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