Thursday, 22 January 2009

Do not underestimate me

I did nothing today. Absolutely nothing. Or at least something very close to it.

I woke at 9 o'clock by myself. Thought, bwah, I don't feel like getting up. So I forced myself to fall asleep again and I of course had weird dreams. That always happens when you go to sleep a second time. I wake up again at one o'clock and think "How the hell did this happen?". But no matter. It's too cold outside to do anything anyway. But here's a list of what I actually managed to do today:
  • Buy milk and paper towels
  • Read a bit (and subsequently renew my loan period at the library)
  • Talk with my mum on the phone for quite a while
  • Start learning a new piano song
  • Watch two episodes of Family Guy
  • Be annoyed at my timetable for the next two months of university
  • Pay the money for a flight
  • Be very, very bored
  • Fold a crazily complicated origami (shape folded from paper)
  • Wonder about how my ex-girlfriend is doing =(
  • Change my profile picture on Facebook (oh, wow..)
And that's it. Not very impressive, I know. Tomorrow's going to be different. I'm going to be active a lot and going to a friend's place as well. Fun =D!

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