Friday, 30 January 2009

Cheaters indeed

Greetings from Barcelona :D!! It's a bit past midnight, and I haven't really got the time to write anything major. It's fun here and sunny (a lot compared to Denmark!). sorry for not writing any of the other days, but I've really had no time :P. I'll tell you about the random stuff when I get home on Sunday/Monday.


Monday, 26 January 2009

Time to catch

So tomorrow's the big day, huh? Yep, and I think I'm just about ready now. Got my stuff nearly packed, passport ready, tickets in order and sunglasses on :P.

No real news from today. Got an email from my old employer saying that a certain address didn't get their newspaper this week, and that I had to go down there personally and hand them a new one. How the hell am I supposed to do that with no newspapers? I ignored the mail.

Also washed up the last couple of dishes and turned off the random electric appliances to save money while I'm gone. Well, I know it's short, but I'm off! Next time you hear from me it'll be from Spain :D!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Wandering to nowhere

Just about managed to do it in time today (it's 23:59, hehe). Other than that, today was pretty much uneventful. I managed to get up around 11 o'clock and I started packing my bag for the trip to Spain on Tuesday. Also informed the other three fellow travellers, and drew myself a map for finding the hostel upon arrival. I also found out we're stopping by Zurich, and it's cool because I've never been in Switzerland before. I also tried getting my iPod to work, but it refuses to turn on. I hope it's the battery that's dead and that my pc hasn't shortcircuited yet another thing. My computer shortcircuited my mobile, my digital camera before and now maybe my iPod. Maybe it's trying to be evil to me. It sure is weird that it suddenly does those things randomly when I connect the before-mentioned items.

Tomorrow is up really early. I need to talk with the janitor of this appartment complex about the bike trailer on Tuesday. Also need to wash a few clothes and buy some last minute things before packing the last of my stuff for Spain.

I don't like the word "normally"

First of all, sorry for writing this so late (again, again, I know..). But the fact that I'm writing this at 5.30 in the morning is because I just came home. Surprisingly, I'm not so drunk (partly accounted for by the fact that the prices of drinks in clubs are insanely high).

Started today with my last round of newspaper delivery. It was a huge load this time, but it was sweet when in was over. I won't have to do it again =D. Now I just have to get my bike trailer picked up Tuesday morning and I'll be cut from all ties with that vampire company. After I came home I began watching Ghost in the Shell; an anime I've heard a lot of good about. It's kind of scary though, and very philosophical. It talks about what makes a human human and about what reality is. I've always found those subjects interesting, so the anime's great. I unfortunately didn't get to watch all of it because I had to leave for the evening then.

I won't go into details about the evening, other than it was fun and different. It was the first time I have gone to any Danish bars for real in Copenhagen. I was amazed at the overcharged prices and the (wtf) easy girls. It was a whole other different scene than Belgian clubs though. And clothing style is also pretty different. I also got to play pool and table football. I lost at pool, but I won every single table football game, so that was alright.

What wasn't alright was that Denmark lost against Poland in men's handball. Granted, Poland played better, but Denmark gave them a race to the finish at the end. And since we're Denmark, we deserved to win :P. Plus, the judge was clearly against Denmark; giving penalties at the most random of times.

And now I'd better get to sleep. I have no plans for tomorrow, except relax, watch a few films and sleep late. Aaah :D..

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Hey, can I talk to you for a moment?

Got up a bit more normally today. Started out with badminton and then lunch with a friend. Then we went home to my place and discussed random stuff. Tried teaching him a piano song because he wanted to, and it half succeeded. In the end (after max 10 minutes) he didn't have the patience :P.

Then went to his place and played some table football. And I'm sad to say that if I don't start practicing again, the student will surpass the teacher :P. It all depends on the type of table, of course, but still. We also watched a bit of X Factor (sort of Danish version of American Idol) and some James Bond. Also transferred a lot of my songs to his pc from my external hard drive (those things are great!). I think he got about 50 songs or more.

I ended up taking the last bus home, and that's why I'm writing this after midnight once again. I also got invited to a party and subsequent night in town tomorrow. By a guy living in Copenhagen. Yep. And I'm going.

Tomorrow morning is also my last round of newspaper delivery. And then I'm finished with it. Forever =D! I just hope it doesn't start raining or gets too cold (with my usual luck, it'll probably do both :P).

Not much more to say about today, I guess. I'm still learning the song Only Time by Enya on piano. It's kind of easy compared to other songs I've already learnt. But now I'm tired and I'm going to sleep.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Do not underestimate me

I did nothing today. Absolutely nothing. Or at least something very close to it.

I woke at 9 o'clock by myself. Thought, bwah, I don't feel like getting up. So I forced myself to fall asleep again and I of course had weird dreams. That always happens when you go to sleep a second time. I wake up again at one o'clock and think "How the hell did this happen?". But no matter. It's too cold outside to do anything anyway. But here's a list of what I actually managed to do today:
  • Buy milk and paper towels
  • Read a bit (and subsequently renew my loan period at the library)
  • Talk with my mum on the phone for quite a while
  • Start learning a new piano song
  • Watch two episodes of Family Guy
  • Be annoyed at my timetable for the next two months of university
  • Pay the money for a flight
  • Be very, very bored
  • Fold a crazily complicated origami (shape folded from paper)
  • Wonder about how my ex-girlfriend is doing =(
  • Change my profile picture on Facebook (oh, wow..)
And that's it. Not very impressive, I know. Tomorrow's going to be different. I'm going to be active a lot and going to a friend's place as well. Fun =D!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

It just keeps tumbling down

I'm writing this semi-drunk. But anyway. Today's exam was really annoying.

Not only was it really hard, but I made the most stupid mistakes. And after all that practicing, getting stupid questions like this really pisses me off. But at least I can console in the fact that it's holiday now. Sob, and I'm annoyed about something else. It's probably soon time to cut old ties and start again.

Tomorrow is going to be a completely relaxing day. Maybe a bit of biking and finding a geocache or two. But I'll finally sleep long. And I just got a "maybe" job offer from a friend at university today about a job as a water analysist in a laboratory in a town near me. And another friend's dad is looking for student jobs for me in his company which is in walking distance from my appartment. I'm on way to a new job =).

I don't really have anything else to say for today. I wish everyone who's finished with their exams a happy holiday and good times.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A stranger on a bus once told me I had nice eyes

Calm day today. Study day. Preparatory day. A day before days. And tomorrow is gonna be a huge clean-up day.

Got up medium-semi-aldehyde-early. Got my daily vitamin D and coenzyme B12 supplement as well as some molecules convertable to glucose, some proteins convertable to amino acids (and subsequently heme, epenephrin etc.) and a little fat necessary for cholesterol synthesis and prostaglandins (there you go dear COX-2 enzyme). A lot of Acetyl-CoA was probably sifting into my mitochondria afterwards. Hydrons were being pumped across membranes and weird F1 complexes were changing conformations, creating ATP in the process. Outside the sun was shining brightly, but no chlorophyll-filled leaves were transferring excitons captured from the photons of light by antenna molecules to reaction centres, and subsequently no cytochrom b6f complexes were creating proton gradients. Well, maybe with beta-caroten. Poor, lazy thylakoids arranged in grana. They're probably bored. I'm already looking forward to this Friday when my Cori cycle will be active once again, and I guess a bit of acetone, acetoacetate and D-beta-hydroxybutyrate will be keeping my erythrocytes company.

Omg, that has to be the strangest text I've ever written. And I'm scared to say that it will all make sense to a biochemist.

Also took control of a certain vertebrate today, even a cetacea odontoceti. It's nice, because of their vestibular system's muculae and cristae with their statoconia, they're able to right themselves although the limnic environment is sometimes impossible to find top and bottom in. Their paired fins are great for navigating and they're quick too with a streamlined epidermis. It's weird to think they share the same class as us, and they're very intelligent too. They share our cochlea system and their telencephalon must be specialised as they can use ecco, just as bats. And funnily, that's his name too.

And that was briefly for the comparative anatomy fans.

Tomorrow is the exam. I'm a bit nervous about it, but I don't really know what else to do now. I've practised all I've could.. And in other random news, my brother just got himself a goldfish which he has named "Blob", plus someone made me this South Park version of myself. Notice the doctor's syringe, hehe =D.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Once, only I could see where the clouds were going

Exam day today. And I officially abandon the point system.

I had the weirdest dream this night. I dreamt that I was alive during the flood, and not on the Ark. The rain was scary. Then I was travelling towards a space station, because God had put the mark of death on me. And I could feel I was going to die very soon. It was really scary. Then I "woke up" inside the dream, because it got too scary. But I was still inside the dream. So I wake up in a hotel room where everything is filled with mosquitos and it's really gross. This is even worse so I'm suddenly back at the space station again. Here I begin looking for a special book that I had hidden away, because it contained some kind of important secret. An evil person is looking for it, and I have to hide it. I remember thinking that I should write in it the words: "This is the day I died" and a date, so that the world would remember me. I guess you could call it a sort of

Then I wake up and see the time is six in the morning. Just great, still 1,5 hours until I should be up. I'll probably be real tired for the exam. After about 30 minutes I manage to fall asleep again. Then five minutes later: "beep, beep"; sms. Bwah :P. I fall asleep again, and snooze the alarm three times :P. Then I realise it may be very stupid to do that on an exam day and I get up. The journey to the exam hall is relatively uneventful, except I still wonder how we were meant to find the place without help. The exam hall was hidden inside this huge, weird building with a huge pendulum in the middle surrounded by an anormous circular stairwell with rooms leading off to all sides. And no mention of any exam hall on signs. It would probably have been a really cool place to explore if it hadn't been for the exam. Well we found it in the end though.

The exam in comparative anatomy went really well. After I came home I just quickly checked the things I was a bit in doubt of, and they were all right =D. But I probably won't get max marks for both of my essay questions. But I'll get a high grade, I'm sure. Not that it matters, since the exam is only judged as passed/not passed, but it's still nice to know that you got something out of the subject.

The annoying thing is that I now have to put it all out of mind and start thinking about the (probably haredr) biochemistry exam on Wednesday. It's not fair.. They should have put a longer break in between. But I'm pleased to say that I feel quite ready for it. We've practiced a lot and most of the stuff is there, I hope. It's probably nucleotide degradation and synthesis that are my only real weaknesses and I'll look at those tomorrow. I hope the exam goes well.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Defender of the Future

Stayed at home all day reading up on comparative anatomy, playing video games and watching Family Guy (I'm still a way bigger fan of South Park though). No points. Tomorrow's the big day :P.

And nothing else really. I think I'll do alright in both exams.

Ding, dong, merrily on high..

Early start again today with newspaper delivery. It was freezing cold. And came home to a huge package with 200 letters from my old boss containing an ad about if someone wanted to take over my route now that I'm leaving. And she wants me to deliver them to all the houses on my route. Not only is that extra work for me (for which I will not be paid) but it's ridiculously bad mannered. I seriously considering just throwing them away. And I got my game from England plus the one from Sweden. Ecco the Dolphin =).

We also finished practicing for comparative anatomy today, and I think we're alright for the exam now. We had a nice time at my place studying and eating loads of ice cream :P. Also talked a bit about studying abroad and foreign universities.

And I know this is too late, and I'm too tired. So just imagine something else interesting that happened today and insert it here :P..

Friday, 16 January 2009

Do not mix milk and coke; the foam won't disappear

A net good day. No points touched. I went to the questions lecture, but it was nothing special. I didn't really learn anything. One of the lecturers acted like he wanted us to know every little single thing in the book, while the other one was much more honest about what we had to know. But strangely, I got the impression that they were actually angry at us asking them questions; as if it challenged their ability to teach, just because we couldn't remember every single thing. I'm relaly not looking forward to exams.

I also played flute today to see if I could still do it. And I could, and remarkably well too. I still know all the notes and I can play immediately just by watching the sheet music =). And I impressed a friend with my piano playing skills after a really good game of badminton, where I had played better than usual :D. I guess I had a lucky day today. After badminton we went and had lunch and then went back to my place. We watched some random Japanese game shows on Youtube (they're insane), and had loads of fun. He invited me back to his place, but I said no thanks considering the exam practicing.

Then some exam practising. Which gave me a headache. There's SO much to know for biochemistry. And it's really draining my energy keeping all the top of my head at the same time. I'm soon going to reach the point that if I try to learn something new again, it will make me forget some of the old stuff I learnt. So I keep having to refresh the other things I know or risk forgetting it. And that's annoying. It was like learning the lines for that two hour long play in old English I performed in, about two years ago. The difference is just that this time we have about 1/50th of the time to learn and remember it all. Great :P..

Tomorrow is more exam practice and the second-last time I'll be out delivering newspapers. I hope the weather doesn't get too bad.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Place Your Really Used Vase At The Entrance

I'd like to extend my thanks to the cloud today. And the points stayed the same. Nothing special really happened today, so a short post. Practising was done, although there's still a tiny bit left of self-study. It's getting a bit tiring. And weird things are happening which I don't like. I don't really feel like dying :P.. I also got a letter back from my former boss telling me she was sad to see me go. Well :P. Plus I got my hair cut, and it's quite nice.

Tomorrow is a sort of "asking questions" class at university. And that's probably the last time I'll be at the university grounds before after the exams. This weekend will be tough. I also think I'm going to bike again tomorrow. And afterwards I'm playing badminton.

Included at the end is a schematic of basicly what we have to know (although some of it is quite rough). Fun.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I think it's time for a nippy sweetie

Today was foggy outside. No point change. It wasn't so cold actually. We didn't get to do a whole lot of exam practicing, but it was enough. I'm starting to feel the exam pressure a little now. About time :P.

Got up at 8 o'clock and got the bus to university. Study, eat, bike home. My bike front light was for some reason not turned on, and that made a car driver pretty much panic. He drove next to me, pulled down the window while driving and shouted to me if my front light was broken. I promptly replied "yes" and he drove off.

At home at last I got a hairdressers appointment for tomorrow. Never made an appointment with a hairdresser myself before and I bet it'll go horribly wrong with the haircut :P. But I guess it's time for it, since people are already beginning to confuse me with all other boys who have long hair and wear a dark coat.

I also wrote my letter of resignation to my distribution center leader (boss) today. It was short, concise and to the point. And soon I need to apply for a new job. Ah well. These things happen. Now I just have to concentrate about exams and then I can relax afterwards. It's weird, it feels like I just had my last exams. I don't like how little time we have between our major exams. Only 7 weeks I was informed of today. And with all the stuff we need to know they probably couldn't teach the material in any less time.

I'd better go now and prepare myself for tomorrow's studying.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The dodo bird became extinct for a reason

Hmm, is probably the most intelligent thing I can say about today. It was fucked. I also added one point. I just came home and now I have less than 15 minutes to finish the rest of the post, so here goes!

Started the day quite early. Up, shower, clothes, breakfast, not bothering to wash up again, thinking about my bike, out the door, no mail, bus and then university. A pretty calm, but alright exercise lesson. Someone cancels our scheduled exam studying. But it's alright (now :P --- nah, I forgive easily). I ended up going back to my place with the first guy for lunch and exercises. It goes well and we get a lot done. Then a guy invites me back to his place and that we're having dinner and playing games and watching movies. Wtf. And so it happens.

We have quite a good time. Dinner was nice (got to talk with his parents about Belgian politics - NOT my strong side), games were fun (first time playing Guitar Hero, and now I want to get better) and the movie was awesome (Fight Club). He followed me back to the station and he acted weird. Can't quite explain it. What I don't get is.. Pretty much everything. The more I get pissed off at him, the more he likes me, and today when we played Xbox he said he didn't want to look stupid in front of me. What the hell is that supposed to mean? I told him I didn't care and that there was nothing wrong with looking stupid in front of others, and he answered something in the likes of "yeah.. well..", in a sort of arrogant way. Don't ask me. No fucking clue :P.

I still have a lot to read tonight and tomorrow I'm getting up early, and biking home if the weather's good. I have one more minute. This is going out now!

And for tomorrow are those who can fly

Sorry for the late post, I just came home now. This still counts as the entry for the 12th since I didn't have a chance to post before now. I also deducted yet another point today. Today was random but nice.

I woke up after the weirdest dream ever. About having to go on a quest to get a social security number in Japan. Together with a lot of other kids I was handed a huge gun and I was sent into a sort of forest of trials. Trials included offering dead pigs to gods as well as saving a pigmy woman from getting sucked into an anti-gravity machine that looked very much like a morphed washing machine. Kind of funny though. Then a random, tough bicycling in the cold and windy weather to practice more biochemistry. We didn't do so much, but well, I know I learnt something from it. I also bought some whiteboard markers from a local university book shop, but they worked like shit.
Here we see me trying to
learn the urea cycle, yay!

I decided to take the bus home at the end of practicing because it had gotten dark. I hope it's alright for tomorrow when I'm planning on taking it home again. Then there was the dinner, which was so great. I had so much fun and we got to talk about everything. I also borrowed a dvd named "How to Get Rid of the Others" which is supposed to be really funny. On the way home (they drove me home, so nice =D) we talked about student jobs. The father works in the same time as I live and he would go and ask tomorrow if they had some available jobs, and about shift times and everything. It's great!

Not much more from cold and windy Denmark. G'night!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Lol, wth, omfg rofl tbh!

A sort of another randomly quiet day. I'm thinking about abandoning the point system. And I feel so happy. I don't know why. But I just do. I'm not worried about any of the things I've worried about this past week anymore. Perhaps it just helped that I talked a bit about it yesterday. Or not. But anyway, it's been a great day even though not really a lot has happened.

I slept until around 1 o'clock. I had had loads of weird dreams about talking to loads of random people and smiling and feeling great, so I woke up feeling pretty energised. Breakfast, shower and then out walking in the cool afternoon for about 1,5 hours, finding another geocache and logging my visit. Then home to a tiny bit of reading about fatty acid degradation (β-oxidation) and doing random stuff at the pc. I sorted through my friends, applications and notifications on Facebook. Not a small job, but I ended up deleting three people because I plainly don't know them. Also removed a few random applications and ignored about 156 random notifications. Bwah.. I also saw a 40 min "making of" film about South Park. It's quite interesting since I'm a sort of mild fan.

I ate a lot of ice cream for dessert today. And I just realise I forgot sending that resignation letter to my employer. I'll have to do that tomorrow I guess. Which reminds me that I have to still read some more for tomorrow's practice, which reminds me that the exam isn't so far away actually, which reminds me that there's a lot of work, which reminds me that I should maybe begin worrying maybe a little, but I'm not. Which is a bit strange. My mum also called today and asked if I had bought new shoes and if I was weight-training or not. Which was pretty much even weirder.

So all in all; a random, happy day!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Closer to Heaven

Just one of those random days that happen most of the time. I didn't touch the score in any way today, since it wouldn't be fair. Went up early (but still late compared to the other days this week) to deliver newspapers. It was nice weather, but a bit boring. I made one single mistake by bringing one newspaper too few for an apartment complex, and at the top floor I had to decide which room to give a newspaper and which not to give. I made the wrong choice and immediately got a complaint from an old woman inside. Just my luck.. I'm already looking forward to quitting the job. I told that woman that I was only a temporary substitute and that I would only work for two more weeks. So that was why I had made a mistake at her door since I was new to it all. That made her happy and I gave her a new newspaper and she floated away.

At the end of my rounds a stupid headache began. When I came home I had nothing to make for lunch so I ended up eating a banana and having some early dinner. I also fell asleep after reading about one page about fatty acid oxidation. But before that I used about half an hour to learn to recognise all 20 amino acids. And I'm proud to say that I can do it now :D. Some of them can be remembered by very simple mnemonics. On Monday I'm going to go practice with a friend some more, and we'll show off our skilzz =D. I've also been invited to a dinner that day, by some friends outside university who've always lived in Denmark. It'll be nice seeing them again.

I also ordered two PS2 games today on eBay, and they cost nearly nothing. I'm getting them sent from the UK and the total cost was less than 30€, and I'd say that is pretty cheap. I'm still a bit cautious about buying things online, but I think it's alright to trust Paypal. I'm not going to become paranoid :P.

I just heard today about how people are bringing their friends from high school as guests to our university bar. I wish I could do that too. And I realise I actually miss my old classmates. We always had such a great time together, and I think they'd really have fun in our bar and meeting the new people from my year. We were like one big family. We knew almost everything about each other. It was kind of weird, but also pretty cool. Everyone accepted each other and understood. I doubt you'd find classes like this outside the European schools. But that's the fates of us international children (and not pyruvate). Rootless was the word our teacher once used about us to tell some visiting Danish students about us. They were doing a high school project about us and how our lives were. I remember having to answer such questions as "Do you think you'll be able to go back to Denmark and follow education in Danish, won't it be really difficult for you to understand, since most of your subjects are in other languages?", "Isn't it hard when friends you've made leave for another country?" and "How much is your school fee each year?". Wow, omfg, I just read my answer to that last question. It seems it cost me 7000€ per year to attend the school. That's kind of a ridiculous amount. I don't think my children will be attending that school after all :P.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Just a state of mind..

Today was alright. I deducted one point. We had out last anatomy classes today, with our teachers thanking us for being really good students. Talked a bit with a guy about living only with strawberries as your sole material. You'd have to use them for making clothes and eating and everything. Weird, but funny thought.

After a quick lunch/cake it was back to the university bar for a quick recap on the past few days of exam studying. And it went quite well. We're learning to recognise the structure of all amino acids now! Once, in chemistry class, I remember our teacher telling us, that if we decided to do university biology or something in that area later, we would have to know all 20 amino acids by heart. And at the time, I had a tiny bit of trouble just remembering that there were 20 amino acids, and remembering the difference between alanine and glycine, the two most basic amino acids you can find. But, well, here I am today, having to know all of them =). And I'm proud of it =D.

I decided to stay a bit after the quick recap and talk a bit with the others. That got extended into also playing quite a few games (with the help of a little convincing - how the hell does she do it?). All in all, I think I stayed about 3 more hours than I had intended at first, but I don't regret it at all =D. I had loads of fun.

When I got home it was dark and cold. It kind of takes away your energy. And on the stairs was a nice note to me from our property manager: "Please remove your newspapers from the hall immediately". They were in a small corner where noone went anyway, and in the way of noone. People had never complained before, and I have put them there for the last two months and not heard a word from anyone. And now suddenly it's not allowed. So I had to carry all of it up 3 floors and put them in my living room. I told my dad about it when he called today, and he told me he would talk to the managers if I wanted; he got a bit pissed off as well. He also told me to get a haircut (can he see me through the phone or something??). Anyway, I've realised that this can't go on, and I've decided to quit my job now. After tomorrow I'll send a mail with my resignation. Problem is that it says in my contract I still have to work for two more weeks after I've quit, and I'm afraid I might not be home in the second week. Ah, well. What can they do? (probably sue me and all kinds of nasty stuff, but let's just ignore that, alright :P)

The picture on the left is probably how I'll look in about 10 years or so :P. The owl is probably my newest test animal, and that staff is actually a huge syringe :P. And, like the text says, I'll be invading God's territory through the course of manipulating genes. Although most don't realise it, we are probably as close to the modern-day alchemist/magician that we can come.

As a child I was always fascinated by magic and healing and all that. I even studied astral travel, wicca and occult texts for quite a while. And I've experienced one or two things that are unexplainable. Our world is really a mysterious place, and I'm happy that we can't (yet) explain everything that happens. I once read a book containing collections of unexplained things and there were quite a few things where scientists were completely baffled. For example a guy claiming to be able to perform travels in the real world in his dreams, was tested by going to sleep in a monitored bed. He then had to "fly" in his dreams to the ceiling of a room in the same building where a series of numbers were written on the bottom of a bucket hung from the ceiling. He got it right multiple times. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Many people have since done the same thing (called astral travel) with more or less success, but there has been no more experimenting in the area as far as I know. I've tried doing it once myself, and I've succeeded halfway, but I was too freaked out that it actually worked, so I never got further. But that's probably a story for another time.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Man is free when he wants to be

I've been watching a lot of Hayao Miyazaki's films lately. They're so great. If you don't know him, he's like a Japanese Walt Disney. His drawings are truly awesome (some of his landscapes and forests are awe-inspiring) and the stories are really great. Of his films, I can recommend Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbour Totoro and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Go and watch them!

I got up a bit earlier than usual today for no real reason, so I was kind of tired. I only managed to drink half a cup of coffee and then it was off to university. The lessons were very uneventful. At lunch we had some really interesting discussion, it was great fun. I missed having some real intellectual conversations like this with more people. Sometimes it seems that some people have got nothing else on their mind than drinking and how much stupid they did at some random night.

Later, we went to go study for exams, but there were no spaces at the usual place, so we ended going into a meeting room at our university bar. We had a great time practicing, and we got so much done. Plus, the one I was studying with had even brought sweets =D! Niiice! It was truly an efficient and effective time we spent there. We stayed for four hours. That just tells how well it went.

Afterwards I wanted to go home. But my friend wanted to go eat oranges downstairs (yeah, I bet that sounds a bit random :P). And I was pretty much against that. And well, to make a semi-short story very short, in the end the person I had been trying to avoid because he had been annoying me a bit came home with me (yes, fucked up.. talk about irony) to pick up some of stuff he had left there. But actually, it didn't go as badly as I had feared. On the way to the bus I confronted him by saying he had changed in a weird way (and explained that in this case weird meant bad), and that he had started saying a lot of shit. And I told him to pull himself together.

Later, when we were waiting at the bus stop, he told me he had noticed a change in me too. I was wondering a bit what he had noticed. He told me he thought I had become more confident (and not that I hadn't been it before) and that was a really good thing and he liked me even more now. And I thought, this is seriously fucked up right there.

The bus came and we spoke about random stuff. At my place I showed him two funny youtube videos by French and Saunders (the British comedians). Then after about 20 minutes he got his things and left. It was all friendly and alright.

And I feel kind of tired already. So I'll take my leave now.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Top o' the morning to ye!

I now know almost how we look inside. It was actually quite fun dissecting the pig, although it smelled quite bad at the beginning. But after removing its intestines and washing them, the stench started diminishing. And I've officially sawed off a pigs head with a saw now, as well as having blown up it's lungs through a straw. Yeah, I know, it was a bit gross, but quite an experience anyway. We had a great time. I'm not as grossed out about the insides of animals so much anymore. I'm happy we went from very small animals to larger and larger ones. I don't even want to imagine what it would have been like if the pig had been our first dissection.

And I was very close to sending a bag of dates to a person today. Instead of money. It would have been quite funny, but I decided against it anyway. Actually today was quite a good day. A good mood pervaded most of the day. I didn't freeze so much because of my winter jacket.

Also did a bit of reading today, although it wasn't a whole lot. I learnt something new about regulating enzymes in a certain glucose pathway. I won't exactly say, YAY!, but I'm glad I'm learning these things. The biochemistry exam is exactly 14 days away now. It may seem like a lot, but our syllabus is seriously insanely huge. I guess that's university for you.

I also had a really long conversation with a good friend today. It was weird telling her about my past and about the bad things I've experienced. Even though it wasn't that huge an amount, it still felt weird, but also like a little weight was lifted off my shoulders. It's not normally stuff I go telling to just about everyone, but I was really surprised how easily I could speak about it to her.

At the end of the day I just managed to miss my bus by about 10 seconds :P. So I take the train instead. But the electronic train information signs are having technical problems, and in my haste I accidently get on a completely insanely crowded train. Just like those stuffed trains in japan (click), though luckily not as extreme. And of course the train is going in the wrong direction. So I discover it and get off at the next station, wait for the next train, and after about 30 more minutes, I'm home. But it was still a good day!

That's all from today.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Regarde bien le monde qui t'entoure

Long day, cold day. University life is becoming so weird. I can't sort out anything anymore. The world needs to stand still a few days. I have difficulty getting to grips with and understanding some people (a few actually). And I'm also having difficulties reading people's intentions and meanings, and I don't know what I wish myself either. And exams are coming up. Yeah, quite a mess I'm in :P.

The only really good thing that happened today is still a secret. Since I know that person will read this blog and go "omg :D", if I said it. And I can use it for bargaining with her later :D. Let's just say I solved a difficult challenge (and I know she remembers now) =D.

Tomorrow is the pig dissection. I'm kind of indifferent to it though. I don't see the whole point of doing all the other dissections as well. Sure enough, the essays we did were good, but isn't this part of the exercise more for fun than for anything academic :P.

Nothing much more so say, I guess. Other than to look well at the world around you and see how much of it you actually understand.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Don't touch the red-hot quartz tubes, you might burn yourself

My first day back at university again today after the christmas holidays. It was up at six o'clock in the morning, felt hopelessly tired, made some coffee, used another cup than usual that wasn't heatproof and scolded my hand badly. And then out into the biting cold outside. Taking a bus and walking some more in the cold. A girl tells me something while we're walking that to her sounds random, but is so scary and so right that I almost told her right there. I laugh at the fact that something like this can happen without her knowing.

Then a lecture about test animals which was ok. Then an hour of practically nothing with a bit of practicing for the impending quiz. Which was completely fucked up anyway and way too difficult. And I felt bad about allowing the day for payment of the vacation to be put off two days into the future. And about not telling the truth to someone and lying just because the others don't accept him.

Then another lecture with the American lector. My coffee from the morning gave up at this point. It managed to keep me awake and not fighting for my life during the lecture, but it killed itself in the struggle, and so could not help me from getting tired afterwards. Then I went to the library with some others to slowly start practising for exams, and it went well enough despite the tiredness. Of both parties involved :P. I had felt quite happy during the day, but near the end, it kind of went slightly to hell and I got a bit more down to earth.

When I arrived at my home bus stop the only thing that kept me going was the thought of warm blankets. I stayed up for about half an hour after I got home and then I had to give up. I woke up again at 19.30, being completely convinced that it didn't matter how long I had slept, because time would magically flow backwards once I decided it should, and so no time would be lost. Disoriented, I made myself some easy dinner and a shrimp sandwich (don't ask me..) and that gave me some energy back.

And now I can't decide if I should go to bed already or what. I don't feel like doing anything at all. Mmm, what's that? You're asking if I actually have something interesting to say in this entry? Try this on for a size: Coke would actually be green if black colouring wasn't added to it. And something even worse: Hitler was not only a vegetarian, he also only had one testicle. His other one was shot off in the battle of Somme in 1916. That should about do it concerning weird facts for today.

I'll end this with a picture that is a bit weird. Simpsons as anime (click it for a larger version):

Sunday, 4 January 2009

It's staring me right in the eye

Today one of two things happened. I either slept until 3 o'clock, or time decided to fastforward and I actually only slept until 11 o'clock and time just decided to skip 4 hours ahead for no apparent reason. So the day was kind of short.

I made a self-analysis yesterday, something I haven't done in ages. To try and find out why I was reacting like I did, and it worked. Well, perhaps I should have become a psychologist after all :P. It can be fun finding reasons for why people behave or feel in certain ways, especially when they don't understand it themselves. Besides, enzymes' allosteric regulators don't interest me that much to be honest.

I realised today that we had a test tomorrow. Kind of an evil way to start out after a holiday, don't you think. Well, I haven't had enough time to read the stuff, so I'll just do my best and see what happens. And the trip to Spain (as it now is) with people from univeristy, is proceeding very, very nicely. We're proposing the final plan tomorrow and then reserving the rooms and flight tickets. It has to be a success =D!

I'm getting up at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning, and frankly, I'm not looking forward to it. I probably may not fall asleep tonight before, let's say, 3 o'clock, and that leaves me with around 3 hours worth of sleep. Not enough. I guess tomorrow will be in the sign of coffee. Especially because after the lectures I have to go study effectively since exams are only a little over 2 weeks away. Wish me luck =).

Saturday, 3 January 2009

White Screen

Woke up to rain. First rain this entire week. And of course it was also my first day back at work. It wasn't very nice delivering newspapers and ads in the extreme cold and rain. Some people took pity on me and told me I was doing a good job. I didn't feel very happy. And a man outside on his balcony began telling me jokes outside in the pouring rain/sleet as I was gathering up the newspapers:

A man goes to a doctor and tells him to cure his bad cough. He can't cure it, and has to turn the patient away. The next day another doctor comes and tells the first doctor, that he cured the patient's cough. "How did you do that?", asks the first doctor. "Easy, I just used American Motor Oil", answers the other doctor. "You can't use that! That can't cure a bad cough?!". "Well, look at him cowering outside behind that lamp post. You really think he'll dare to cough again?".

Well, apart from the rain, it went well. It only took me 2,5 hours this time even though there were a lot of badly packed ads. When I came home I slept a bit, played a bit of piano (practiced Tetris a little, and once again forgot to play it for someone..), washed up the dishes and tidied up a bit. And I suddenly remember now that I learnt the English words "dishes" and "pillar" from my Dad when i was playing Rayman and Super Mario 64 on my new Nintendo 64 at the age of 8 or so.

Yesterday I also decided to either do Chinese or Japanese if I have time in February. I got an offer from an evening school that will teach me basic Chinese for quite some time for not a lot of money, and the school isn't far from me. And another school close to where my university is, is offering Japanese courses, but I'm afraid they might be a bit too early in the day for me to not have university classes at the same time. We'll see about it.

I can't find anything fun to do at the moment. I cheer up around other people, because I forget things, but that's about it. Can't you forcefully change your way of thinking? Or forcefully forget something. I once read about a person who couldn't forget anything, and in the end he had to imagine himself writing his memories on a piece of paper and throwing them into a fire, and that was the only way he could forget. Once again the question of personal change; taking a step in the direction you want to go. But what if you don't know what direction is the right one, or a wall is blocking your way forward? This time I think I'll leave it hanging.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Will you remember?

I calmed down after yesterday. I went to bed really early and slept quite long. And when I woke I felt better. The day today was kind of calm.

The guy I was supposed to play badminton yet slept too long. So we ended up playing at seven in the evening instead. And when the courts were all full, we ended up exploring the sports hall. We found another smaller sports room with a table tennis ball, a volleyball and two goals. And this we used to invent games to play while we waited. It quite fun using your badminton rackets to shoot at the goal with table tennis balls while the other person defends. And some other rules I won't bother explaining here. And afterwards there was some weird gas in the changing rooms so people had to evacuate and change outside. Kind of a weird experience.

When I came home afterwards I gamed a little and that was about it. Tomorrow I'm holding a sort of dinner (with people hopefully bringing their own drinks, I hope it's not necessary for me to have to tell them, since we're all students..) for the people in my group also writing about the domestic pig. Here we get to show each other the work we've done, and hopefully compile it and send it off to our anatomy teacher.

And I got a shitload of newspapers and commercials for delivering tomorrow. I'm not giving up, but I sure am starting to hate it now :P. And it's getting so cold outside. There are ice crystals on every surface. It's weird how much this place changes just because of a small tilt of the Earth compared to the Sun. Imagine placing huge mirrors around the Earth to reflect the sunlight and create an all year round summer. Would you welcome that change? No more winter depression, huge heat bills or freezing outside. But also no sleighing, winter landscapes or hot chocolate by the fire.

University is soon starting again, albeit only for a week and then a weeks reading up for exams. And then the exams. "Tremble mortals and despair. Doom has come to this world, " :P. And then hopefully a brilliant holiday with fellow students to Spain or Portugal, or whatever we end up deciding.

Thursday, 1 January 2009


It's supposed to be the theme of this month. I guess it's a bit connected with New Year's resolutions and all. I haven't really got any. Mostly because I don't know yet if I want to change. I want a new job though. And that's about it.

It's weird, isn't it. Think about yourself 10 years ago. Since then you've certainly changed a lot! But did you ever notice that big change? Over the course of those years it seemed that you weren't changing. It wasn't like your thoughts suddenly were another's, like it may feel to you now. You don't think like that person that was you ten years ago, and yet you can't tell how you came from that person to what you are now. Were you ever afraid when you were young that you might one day think in those weird ways that grown-ups seemed to do? That you would have the same values as them? And did you ever wish now that you could go back to the carefree life of a child, with the naivety and innocence that followed. But no matter how hard we tried, the slow change gradually came upon us without us noticing. But what we can do is to try and look back at every step we take and see if it was a good step. That way, even though we can't stop the change, we can control it so it's only for the better. And this without forgetting our old values.

And now a new year has just begun. Perhaps it's time to look back at the year that passed and see how we changed, if we can notice it at all. It's time to see the good and the bad points and choose a path that we want to take, pursuing our strength and laying behind the weaknesses.

My new year was a bit chaotic like I planned. One of the people cancelled on the night, and at that time we had already bought all the food. A bit annoying. But it was quite a glorious feast, and my fridge has never been as full as it is now :P. And we did enjoy ourselves watching a Danish comedian on TV as well as Sin City (what a fucked up film :P..). Around 10 o'clock we went to a friend I know from Belgium's friend's summerapartment in Copenhagen. Lots of drinking and having fun. The only bad point was my friend from university who tagged along with me and behaved in the most ridiculously bad way and said some quite unacceptable things. He may have been a bit drunk, but so were we, and that doesn't mean you say just anything. It got so bad we wanted to make him leave, and when we succeeded he just went around in a circle and came straigh back after 15min saying he couldn't find his way. And he promptly threw up. Again. And then I decided to leave, and he came with me. A comment from my friend from Belgium: "Try not to kill him".

Other than that, I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year, and I hope you'll make the right choices!!