Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Is trouble brewing?

I'm in trouble.. I have absolutely no money left. I don't know why, but I got huge bills this month for things like tv license, heating, internet, rent and all the rest. After my study subsidy is substracted I have a net surplus of something I won't even mention here. I have to take extreme measures (again..) and I already prepared. I won't be eating very varied stuff this month at all. And I'm afraid I have to cut all my other spending except food down to absolute zero. It probably means I won't be going on a sort of camping trip with the university bar group, and I for sure won't be going out a lot. This Friday is the only day I plan to spend on things other than food - it's the 1st of May. I'm quite sad it has come this far, so I'm really looking forward to starting that job, which SHOULD begin next month, if everything goes well. If not, I will have to take an emergency job. Or something. I can't even get a bus card, so it's bicycling every morning after it expires :P..

I do have something I can sell on Friday. But I would never do it :P.

Tomorrow is another long day in the laboratory. But a good thing is that birch pollen is diminishing!! For the first time today could I see normally with my right eye. Elating!

I've been reading more in our humane biology book today. Now I only need to read 10 more chapters :P. And we have this sort of midterm test monday. But I guess I'm actually a lot more prepared than some of the others are, even though I've read so little. Anyway, the test isn't graded, so it doesn't really matter.

I've also gained a certain liking to the term Pandabird. Or simple P-bird.

I sorted through my old mails today, and started deleting. I had over 900 messages and now I'm down to 600-something. I just didn't have the patience to read through more than 300 mails :P. I found some quite funny/weird/forgotten/sad mails that people had sent me long ago. Some of them I decided to still keep.

I also learned today that the myth about goldfish and other fish having a memory of only 3-5 seconds, is actually not true. EXperiments have already been done that show that they have a memory of at least 5 months. Goldfish were trained to react to a special sound. And months later they would react the same way to that sound. The fish were also trained to nudge a lever to get food. When the lever was adjusted so it would only work during one hour each day, the goldfish adapted, learning only to press the lever around the right time. That clearly shows that the extremely short memory is only a myth.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

All the mysteries come undone


Tomorrow's the presentation. Looking forward to it getting done. I know it doesn't matter, but it's nice to take pride in your work =D. Hope the allergy won't be too bad (and that I at least will be able to see clearly, or else I'll be fucked :P).

And I'm getting closer to removing the 700+ cards that were strewn all over my living room. I've managed to sort all the cards now (it only took a week of working a bit on it each day). I only need to remove about 40 more or so and I should be good to go. And then it comes to selecting the right amount of colours, bwah =/.

Anne-Marie. I wonder if I'll ever forget about it.

Also got myself a summer jacket, yay! And advised about university courses today. Yes, come to me for all your biomedicine, biochemistry, bioinformatics, bioengineering, medicine or chemistry needs!

And I've nearly watched all Family Guy episodes! What a great feat :P!

And still there's so many weird secrets being kept from everyone. Right, Pidge (and no, that's not my hand in the photo)?

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Momento da Paz

The allergy is really beginning to get annoying. Stupid birch trees. Why do they have to release such a MASSIVE amount of pollen compared to ALL other trees. They want to show off or something? I wonder why you don't just kill every birch tree on the planet. They aren't that special at all.

Stupid allergy makes me have to take breaks about every half hour, frankly because I nearly go blind by having my eyes open. After about twenty minutes I start getting very nearsighted, as a result of some yet unknown thing that the pollen does to my eyes. And then it's kind of hard doing anything.

I'm trying to do a presentation on the respiratory system's anatomy while writing this. It's boring. I've learned how asthma works though. Mucus in the bronchies constrict the airflow, and asthma medicine works by both making the muscles in the bronchies relax as well as removing the excess production of mucus. Yay.

This presentation is probably going to be boring once I finish. It's just not possible to make it fun with a subject like this. I kind of just want to get it over with, and not spend huge amounts of work on it, like I've done on other presentations before. So it'll just be short and concise I guess. I can't even do a lot of animations, because I'm not the one standing near the computer..

Over and out.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Dreams and stuff

I still can't get that waterbending dream out of my mind. It was weird, and it reminded me of a long time ago. The reason that I learnt about bending in the first place. And another dream about great icebergs and using airbending to propel myself away. It's unfair that magic doesn't exist :P.

And I'm happy with my new Xbox, although I have very little money to buy new games for it at the moment. I'm so much looking forward to starting that job.

And I'm getting a bit more used to my new hairstyle ^^. Even though it's still weird having short hair like this.