Monday, 19 January 2009

Once, only I could see where the clouds were going

Exam day today. And I officially abandon the point system.

I had the weirdest dream this night. I dreamt that I was alive during the flood, and not on the Ark. The rain was scary. Then I was travelling towards a space station, because God had put the mark of death on me. And I could feel I was going to die very soon. It was really scary. Then I "woke up" inside the dream, because it got too scary. But I was still inside the dream. So I wake up in a hotel room where everything is filled with mosquitos and it's really gross. This is even worse so I'm suddenly back at the space station again. Here I begin looking for a special book that I had hidden away, because it contained some kind of important secret. An evil person is looking for it, and I have to hide it. I remember thinking that I should write in it the words: "This is the day I died" and a date, so that the world would remember me. I guess you could call it a sort of

Then I wake up and see the time is six in the morning. Just great, still 1,5 hours until I should be up. I'll probably be real tired for the exam. After about 30 minutes I manage to fall asleep again. Then five minutes later: "beep, beep"; sms. Bwah :P. I fall asleep again, and snooze the alarm three times :P. Then I realise it may be very stupid to do that on an exam day and I get up. The journey to the exam hall is relatively uneventful, except I still wonder how we were meant to find the place without help. The exam hall was hidden inside this huge, weird building with a huge pendulum in the middle surrounded by an anormous circular stairwell with rooms leading off to all sides. And no mention of any exam hall on signs. It would probably have been a really cool place to explore if it hadn't been for the exam. Well we found it in the end though.

The exam in comparative anatomy went really well. After I came home I just quickly checked the things I was a bit in doubt of, and they were all right =D. But I probably won't get max marks for both of my essay questions. But I'll get a high grade, I'm sure. Not that it matters, since the exam is only judged as passed/not passed, but it's still nice to know that you got something out of the subject.

The annoying thing is that I now have to put it all out of mind and start thinking about the (probably haredr) biochemistry exam on Wednesday. It's not fair.. They should have put a longer break in between. But I'm pleased to say that I feel quite ready for it. We've practiced a lot and most of the stuff is there, I hope. It's probably nucleotide degradation and synthesis that are my only real weaknesses and I'll look at those tomorrow. I hope the exam goes well.

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