Saturday, 10 January 2009

Closer to Heaven

Just one of those random days that happen most of the time. I didn't touch the score in any way today, since it wouldn't be fair. Went up early (but still late compared to the other days this week) to deliver newspapers. It was nice weather, but a bit boring. I made one single mistake by bringing one newspaper too few for an apartment complex, and at the top floor I had to decide which room to give a newspaper and which not to give. I made the wrong choice and immediately got a complaint from an old woman inside. Just my luck.. I'm already looking forward to quitting the job. I told that woman that I was only a temporary substitute and that I would only work for two more weeks. So that was why I had made a mistake at her door since I was new to it all. That made her happy and I gave her a new newspaper and she floated away.

At the end of my rounds a stupid headache began. When I came home I had nothing to make for lunch so I ended up eating a banana and having some early dinner. I also fell asleep after reading about one page about fatty acid oxidation. But before that I used about half an hour to learn to recognise all 20 amino acids. And I'm proud to say that I can do it now :D. Some of them can be remembered by very simple mnemonics. On Monday I'm going to go practice with a friend some more, and we'll show off our skilzz =D. I've also been invited to a dinner that day, by some friends outside university who've always lived in Denmark. It'll be nice seeing them again.

I also ordered two PS2 games today on eBay, and they cost nearly nothing. I'm getting them sent from the UK and the total cost was less than 30€, and I'd say that is pretty cheap. I'm still a bit cautious about buying things online, but I think it's alright to trust Paypal. I'm not going to become paranoid :P.

I just heard today about how people are bringing their friends from high school as guests to our university bar. I wish I could do that too. And I realise I actually miss my old classmates. We always had such a great time together, and I think they'd really have fun in our bar and meeting the new people from my year. We were like one big family. We knew almost everything about each other. It was kind of weird, but also pretty cool. Everyone accepted each other and understood. I doubt you'd find classes like this outside the European schools. But that's the fates of us international children (and not pyruvate). Rootless was the word our teacher once used about us to tell some visiting Danish students about us. They were doing a high school project about us and how our lives were. I remember having to answer such questions as "Do you think you'll be able to go back to Denmark and follow education in Danish, won't it be really difficult for you to understand, since most of your subjects are in other languages?", "Isn't it hard when friends you've made leave for another country?" and "How much is your school fee each year?". Wow, omfg, I just read my answer to that last question. It seems it cost me 7000€ per year to attend the school. That's kind of a ridiculous amount. I don't think my children will be attending that school after all :P.

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