Tuesday, 13 January 2009

And for tomorrow are those who can fly

Sorry for the late post, I just came home now. This still counts as the entry for the 12th since I didn't have a chance to post before now. I also deducted yet another point today. Today was random but nice.

I woke up after the weirdest dream ever. About having to go on a quest to get a social security number in Japan. Together with a lot of other kids I was handed a huge gun and I was sent into a sort of forest of trials. Trials included offering dead pigs to gods as well as saving a pigmy woman from getting sucked into an anti-gravity machine that looked very much like a morphed washing machine. Kind of funny though. Then a random, tough bicycling in the cold and windy weather to practice more biochemistry. We didn't do so much, but well, I know I learnt something from it. I also bought some whiteboard markers from a local university book shop, but they worked like shit.
Here we see me trying to
learn the urea cycle, yay!

I decided to take the bus home at the end of practicing because it had gotten dark. I hope it's alright for tomorrow when I'm planning on taking it home again. Then there was the dinner, which was so great. I had so much fun and we got to talk about everything. I also borrowed a dvd named "How to Get Rid of the Others" which is supposed to be really funny. On the way home (they drove me home, so nice =D) we talked about student jobs. The father works in the same time as I live and he would go and ask tomorrow if they had some available jobs, and about shift times and everything. It's great!

Not much more from cold and windy Denmark. G'night!

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