Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A stranger on a bus once told me I had nice eyes

Calm day today. Study day. Preparatory day. A day before days. And tomorrow is gonna be a huge clean-up day.

Got up medium-semi-aldehyde-early. Got my daily vitamin D and coenzyme B12 supplement as well as some molecules convertable to glucose, some proteins convertable to amino acids (and subsequently heme, epenephrin etc.) and a little fat necessary for cholesterol synthesis and prostaglandins (there you go dear COX-2 enzyme). A lot of Acetyl-CoA was probably sifting into my mitochondria afterwards. Hydrons were being pumped across membranes and weird F1 complexes were changing conformations, creating ATP in the process. Outside the sun was shining brightly, but no chlorophyll-filled leaves were transferring excitons captured from the photons of light by antenna molecules to reaction centres, and subsequently no cytochrom b6f complexes were creating proton gradients. Well, maybe with beta-caroten. Poor, lazy thylakoids arranged in grana. They're probably bored. I'm already looking forward to this Friday when my Cori cycle will be active once again, and I guess a bit of acetone, acetoacetate and D-beta-hydroxybutyrate will be keeping my erythrocytes company.

Omg, that has to be the strangest text I've ever written. And I'm scared to say that it will all make sense to a biochemist.

Also took control of a certain vertebrate today, even a cetacea odontoceti. It's nice, because of their vestibular system's muculae and cristae with their statoconia, they're able to right themselves although the limnic environment is sometimes impossible to find top and bottom in. Their paired fins are great for navigating and they're quick too with a streamlined epidermis. It's weird to think they share the same class as us, and they're very intelligent too. They share our cochlea system and their telencephalon must be specialised as they can use ecco, just as bats. And funnily, that's his name too.

And that was briefly for the comparative anatomy fans.

Tomorrow is the exam. I'm a bit nervous about it, but I don't really know what else to do now. I've practised all I've could.. And in other random news, my brother just got himself a goldfish which he has named "Blob", plus someone made me this South Park version of myself. Notice the doctor's syringe, hehe =D.

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