Monday, 5 January 2009

Don't touch the red-hot quartz tubes, you might burn yourself

My first day back at university again today after the christmas holidays. It was up at six o'clock in the morning, felt hopelessly tired, made some coffee, used another cup than usual that wasn't heatproof and scolded my hand badly. And then out into the biting cold outside. Taking a bus and walking some more in the cold. A girl tells me something while we're walking that to her sounds random, but is so scary and so right that I almost told her right there. I laugh at the fact that something like this can happen without her knowing.

Then a lecture about test animals which was ok. Then an hour of practically nothing with a bit of practicing for the impending quiz. Which was completely fucked up anyway and way too difficult. And I felt bad about allowing the day for payment of the vacation to be put off two days into the future. And about not telling the truth to someone and lying just because the others don't accept him.

Then another lecture with the American lector. My coffee from the morning gave up at this point. It managed to keep me awake and not fighting for my life during the lecture, but it killed itself in the struggle, and so could not help me from getting tired afterwards. Then I went to the library with some others to slowly start practising for exams, and it went well enough despite the tiredness. Of both parties involved :P. I had felt quite happy during the day, but near the end, it kind of went slightly to hell and I got a bit more down to earth.

When I arrived at my home bus stop the only thing that kept me going was the thought of warm blankets. I stayed up for about half an hour after I got home and then I had to give up. I woke up again at 19.30, being completely convinced that it didn't matter how long I had slept, because time would magically flow backwards once I decided it should, and so no time would be lost. Disoriented, I made myself some easy dinner and a shrimp sandwich (don't ask me..) and that gave me some energy back.

And now I can't decide if I should go to bed already or what. I don't feel like doing anything at all. Mmm, what's that? You're asking if I actually have something interesting to say in this entry? Try this on for a size: Coke would actually be green if black colouring wasn't added to it. And something even worse: Hitler was not only a vegetarian, he also only had one testicle. His other one was shot off in the battle of Somme in 1916. That should about do it concerning weird facts for today.

I'll end this with a picture that is a bit weird. Simpsons as anime (click it for a larger version):

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