Wednesday, 25 February 2009

All will proceed as foreseen

Aw, ffs, I did it again.

Woke up this morning at 7.00 after having gone to bed at 2.30. Not enough sleep at all. And I really couldn't get myself to go to university for one single lecture and going home again after that single lecture. Transport would be just as long as the lecture, so it would be a waste. And instead I just read through the slides at home. And I understood it all, so that's fine. Got to read a few more pages today and I should be alright.

I kind of wasted today away though. Ended up playing an old game a lot. And slept late as well. But I managed to wash the bed sheets and clothes etc.

It was a bit weird to have my Dad and brother visit. It actually wasn't a lot of fun. Had a huge argument with my Dad one of the days. Nearly kicked him out :P. But at least a lot of things got done. My tap was fixed, a new mirror in the hall and a new organisation of things. I also got my birthday and christmas presents back from Belgium finally. So now I have a toaster and bike pump and a new cool painting for the living room.

And the new work thing is a bit chaotic. I don't know what's going to happen. It's become really confusing about getting that new job. And I couldn't resist doing something I shouldn't have done. But it's deserved!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

You f*cking transformed into a penguin?!

Just finished a 9,2 hour long Danish series called "The Kingdom" ("Riget"). It was really great. Funny, scary, thoughtprovoking and even relevant for my study (it happened at a hospital right next to my university)! It's such a pity the series was never fully completed though because some of the actors died.

And the series made me get into a huge conversation with someone I had kind of given up on contacting. So cool :D.

My dad and brother are visiting this weekend. So I'm putting things on hold and preparing the place. It means I won't get so much work done, but it's nice to relax a bit. We'll get to go to the cinema and stuff and I probably won't have to spend money on food, so that's always nice.

I've also got into a situation with two shrovetide (yes.. that word again) parties being held on the same day. And that's really annoying. Because I really want to go to both of them. There are two factors affecting my decision. One is a certain guy I'm avoiding completely, the other is the prospect of meeting new people and going somewhere unknown. So I might have to bail out on the university shrovetide party I'm afraid. And it's a bit of a pity, because there are some people I'd really like to see there who are going I think.

And my dreams are becoming weirder than usual. I found myself searching through a huge pond looking for a special type of box that had something important hidden inside. But the pond was full of boxes everywhere. And they were all closed, and some had special locks that I needed to solve as a type of puzzle to open. But the ones I solved were all empty. I couldn't find the right one. And a woman was searching with me, and I knew I had seen her somewhere before. That was yesterday. I can't remember the dreams from today. Only that I was happy when my alarm clock rang.

And I don't like chemistry kinetics. I hated it when we did it in chemistry, and now it's back in protein chemistry. Welcome second-order reactions and reaction rate constants.


Monday, 16 February 2009

Saecula saeculorum

Today was great.
What a lunch I ate!
And people were nice.
And people were nice.
(Hey, you said that twice!)

An angel on high,
calls from the sky:
"Get to work!"
And I'm pleased to say,
if I may,
I sit with a smirk.

I got all things done.
Things left to do: none.
So a game is in order,
since there's no disorder.

Det skifter; er oppe, er nede, hvor?
Der er ting jeg stadig ikke helt forstår.
Hver dag er jeg tættere på.
Tættere hver dag på at forstå.

Avec chaque pas, je m'approcherai
de la cible abandonnée, que je toujours connais.
Quoique que je n'y arrive jamais.
Mes rêves ne me quittent pas, désormais.

"Jij bent iemand bijzonder,
iemand heel speciaal.
We kunnen altijd gek doen,
ook een beetje schraal."

Sanctus dominus, salva me.
Pleni sunt coeli et terra gloria.
Ducis mihi ad via, proxime.
Ventus gero meus memoria.

Kore wa boku no bouken.
Wakatta, yuutsu de hanasemasen.
Shikashi, ningen wa zutto zankoku.
Anata mo, onaji tsubasa wo aru.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Weak interaction

I'm lost.

The shrovetide party was cancelled because of
widespread illness.
Instead a
dinner was established with six people.

Went to bed sick.
Woke up sick in the night.
Woke up sick in the morning.
Then it disappeared.
And no feeling was left behind.

I played games.
I play, played, will play.
Watch, watched, watching.
Read what I had to.
Said what I had to.

I gave up,
then got back on track.
Tomorrow, tomorrow,
tomorrow I'll do it.

Friday, 13 February 2009


Try saying that out loud. Twice.

Yawn. I've still got the flu. Though not as badly as yesterday. If I'm lucky it's already nearly gone by tomorrow. Woke up this morning around seven, and had a great big think about whether I should go to school or not. I had nearly no sleep this night, partly because of being sick, partly because of having slept so much during the day (because of being sick..). But I got up anyway :D.

The one single lecture (yes.. only one) was quite alright. It's strange having so many new lecturers. And I'm happy that I'm so much ahead. I've read way ahead, plus I've already done the exercises for next Monday. I don't think I'm going to read so much up on humane biology since we don't really have an exam before in half a year (at which time I will have finished the protein chemistry theoretical course and can fully focus on humane biology). And also, I think that just as with comparative anatomy, I'll enjoy this subject and not have to read a lot.

After lectures I found out that for the shrovetide party tomorrow, we all needed costumes. And I don't really have any. So (I don't know how it happened) I somehow got invited home to a friend where we had lunch and he showed me boxes full of costumes he somehow had. And I'm proud to say, that of those things (plus one hat that I bought myself), this will be the weirdest and most random costume these people have ever seen (and nearly me too - only surpassed by a friend from Belgium who dressed up with a purple hat, lab glasses, way too small yellow pants with open zipper, a bowtie, different coloured socks and a green, way too small t-shirt). My costume truly doesn't make sense. But it will look funny. And that's what counts :P.

I realised something important today. But I seriously can't remember it. I hate it when I realise something really important, and I later forget it. "It's not important enough then, if you don't remember it", you say. No. That's not true. It's just like a dream. It's a state of mind that you somehow lose and can't get back too. Unless you try really hard. And I'm not going to bother with that right now. Ah, haha, I actually remember it now, just by writing that. Although it's completely unrelated.

Tomorrow I'll sleep late.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Sob, so I finally got the flu. I had seen it coming anyway. Now I just hope it finishes quickly. I don't want to stay home from school tomorrow too. And I have badminton tomorrow, and I do not want to miss out on that. And on Saturday is that shrovetide party.

I spent today being confused, sleeping, watching Family Guy, reading and doing a bit of work. It's hard to do exercises because I can't really think clearly because of the fever.

A truth that's told with bad intent
Beats all the lies you can invent.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

For once

Yeah, for once I will post something different and insane (?).
Meep, meep, beep, bop.

There are some things I hate,
some people I don't like,
and some things I want to be different.
There I some things I love,
some people I like,
and some things I wish happened more often.

Some music's nice, some's not. I like this, you like that. That's life!

Long before the planets were forming the true joining of pasts.
It just takes some time.
And everything will be alright. And everything will be just fine.

I'm playing that old tune again.
The one I always hate when it's coming,
but I always look forward to hearing once I know it's too late.
There's more I want to say.

I bet this could turn into a really fucked song.
Some emo thing maybe?
I found out today that I like music classified as emo.
Am I emo? Nah, I don't wear that type of clothes.

I don't always think drunk people are funny. Especially if I'm not drunk and they act like idiots. It's ok to say stupid stuff. But not stupid stuff that annoys and potentially pisses of people (big time).

What do I want in life? Huh?
To be happy of course :P. And a step in the right direction would be summer, an iPod and a bicycle.
Only the summer is missing. Hurry up!!

I don't want to be sick,
I eat too much sugar,
I don't get enough sleep.

I'm going to be healthy again,
sugary stuff tastes good,
you don't have as much fun asleep as awake.

Now what? A new thrill. A new challenge!!
You can do anything you want to!

And even as I wander..

Yawn. Early day today. Nothing extraordinary happened. I was alone on the bus this morning for most of the way, then was met by a friend who got on the bus a few stops before university. We're getting better friends now, he even invited me to a party. And wanted to do high-fives with me.

That reminds me. EVERYONE already knows about what happened last Friday. And I only told one single person. And people are teasing me with it, wtf :P. Blah :P. And I'm wondering when I'll meet her again or even if. I haven't really spoken to her since that night, even though I added her on Facebook (and for those who know who I am: No, this is NOT a suggestion to go and look on Facebook and try to find her :P..).

On Saturday I'm going to a sort of shrovetide party (shrovetide is such a fucked English word for what is such a common word in Danish - fastelavn) with people from my university course, and I'm sure I'll get lots of more *fun* questions about what happened..

I'm also starting to get seriously sick. And I want it to go away. I don't have time!! There's quite a few things this week. The worst thing is that I got it from the people who went on our university ski trip. Damn those people :P. They should all have gone to Spain like we did =).

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Yellow and mostly blue

Sorry for not posting in four days. It's not that nothing has happened, quite the contrary, I've just been too tired to post anything sensible :P. So this will probably be a long post about what has happened the past four days. I'll try to do this chronologically:


I can't really remember a lot, because it was a very insignificant day. I got up really early, which will be the custom almost every day from now on it seems. Slept/listened to my iPod all the way to university. There were two people on the bus, but I was really too tired to properly speak with them. Left after the one hour lecture. Followed a Chinese (no, nothing negative implied here) friend most of the way and he showed me a new way to get home I hadn't thought about before. It's perfect if I miss my usual bus, then this way is much quicker + we get to talk with each other almost all the way. Relaxed a lot when I got home. And started doing the exercises for protein chemistry. Phew, there's a lot, and they aren't exactly all child's play.. Also watched a lot of Family Guy episodes and got a lot better at playing "Only Time" on keybaord (my current ways of escaping the complete frustrating boringness of the exercises).


Quite an eventful day actually. Partly accounted for by the fact that I ended up being awake for about 23 hours and that something happened all the time. No naps or anything that day :P.

Started out with going to the university early like usual. But this time I had enough energy to have a proper conversation :P. Then the lecture, and then back home again. Then I did badminton for an amazing 2,5 hours. I don't really know what happened. It was just amazingly fun and somehow I didn't get tired. And we both played really well.

Then we went into a huge shopping centre I live close to because it was the end of the sales, and we both needed new clothes (we didn't really buy anything on holiday). And it was 10 times cheaper here. I ended up buying a jumper. Afterwards we stopped by a supermarket and did the usual shopping for food. At this point, with the combined effects of prolonged badminton and walking around, my feet hurt. And I only had about 30 minutes before I had to go and get the bus for my shift in our university bar.

On the way up the stairs to my appartment I met an old lady who lives a floor beneath me, and she invited me inside. I couldn't really say no, since I had been meaning to invite her up a few times (she had taken care of my apartment while I was still in Belgium) I had never really gotten around to it. I got something to drink and we talked about how it was going and other random stuff. It was quite nice actually. After about 15 minutes I got back to my apartment. I now had 15 minutes to take a shower, make and eat dinner, iron my shirt, change clothes, get the grocery stuff into the fridge, get the badminton clothes out of my backpack and get out to the bus on time.

Well, I actually made it. But believe me, it's horrible to eat a whole meal of potatoes and chicken in ten minutes while running all around the place. I felt so sick afterwards, and it took some time before the feeling disappeared :P..

Standing in the bar actually wasn't very fun. There were nearly noone who wanted to buya anything. Only towards the end did it get more fun, when more people arrived, and it got busy. I actually stayed for 30 minutes over my shift because it was so fun. And I made some drinks for two girls who studied medicine and they said it was excellent =D.

A girl from my class had brought about 4 or 5 of her friends, so I went and sat and talked with them. It was really nice meeting some new people. One guy studied at the Copenhagen business school, another guy had just finished his bachelor in construction engineering and was going to travel to Barcelona for a year to relax and work as a street musician (he had his own band!), and there was also a girl who had just started her first year in bioinformatics which is a completely new study.

Later my guest (the one I play badminton with each week) arrived and it was really nice. We got such a huge amount of free drinks and he was like: "Wtf, not only are your prices insanely cheap here, but EVERYONE is so nice!!". And I was like: "Welcome to natural sciences =D!". He had only planned to saty for about an hour and then continue to his own university bar (which I'm invited to this Friday btw :P), but he ended up staying for 4 hours instead because it was so fun. Our bar was also so insanely packed with people. The girls I had made drinks for earlier also somehow found me in all the mess and high-fived with me for making such good drinks. Hehe, was quite flattered; both that they remembered me and also because of the drinks complement =D.

After my guest had left some more stuff happened. I had had a lot of fun with that girl who studied bioinformatics, and well, one thing lead to the next. That guy who is always acting weird to me seemed to be a bit in shock when he saw us, hahaha. And of course I couldn't really avoid funny comments from the other people from my year.. From those who know, of course xD.

I ended up leaving about a quarter of an hour after our bar closed at 4 o'clock in the morning. I managed to catch the last night bus. And I was really not looking forward to cleaning the next day. When I had left it already looked pretty bad. When I got home I followed my own advice and got an anti-headache pill. And if I hadn't done that, I really don't know how I would have made it through the next day.


Woke up about nine o'clock after having slept a total of less than four hours. And I nearly didn't have a hangover. I had to drink about five litres of water though, but that's normal I guess :P. At least there was no headache, and I could keep my balance relatively well :P. I lay in bed for quite a while having weirdish dreams about enzymes going into a different conformation each time I turned around in bed (it was completely fucked up, but don't blame me, it's the fault of those goddamn exercises, it is NOT something I usually go and think about during the day :P).

I nearly missed my bus that morning. When I got down the stairs, I saw the bus driving by outside on the road. I had a short internal battle, and decided I would try and catch it. So I raced like crazy, and actually managed to somehow overtake the bus and I actually made it with about 30 seconds to spare. I was exhausted like hell, but happy :P. That happiness wouldn't last though.

Finally arriving at the bar, I'm met by shock. The bar is a mess. Not just a tiny mess. But a complete and utterly insane inferno of broken beer bottles and spilt drinks everywhere. Pictures were taken by some of the older students, because it was the worst they had ever seen. And three of the people didn't show up, so we were four people who had to clean it all up. And the smell of old, warm beer was horrible. Another girl from my year who had to clean up with me said she had followed my advice with the painkiller pill the day before, and that was the only reason she could do this now :P.

During the cleaning up, my Dad randomly called and started nearly yelling at me for being so irresponsible that I went out on a Friday and that I hadn't got a new job yet. He also started telling me I had lied to him about not getting a new job BEFORE I left my old one. And I had never said that. And I have explained to him 10 times before that the 150kr I got per week wasn't really anything anyway, and he had accepted it when I said it then. I ended the call as quickly as politely possible. Fucked up..

After five and a half hours we were finished. There's a lot to tell about the excruciatingly gross and hard work, but I'll spare you. I was a bit nervous about the girl from my year, because she had left the night before wihtout saying goodbye to me and her friend (who was the girl I had been together with), and her friend told me she never left without saying goodbye. But her friend thought that maybe she had just not wanted to disturb us, she guessed. (Wow, it can get really hard to write stuff like this, when you're not allowed to mention any names :P). Anyway, there wasn't a problem at all, so that was good =).

When I finally got home I was wrecked. I already hurt a bit from the day/night of the day before and after this, it was even worse :P. I ended up going to bed at 10 o'clock, and I think it was a good idea. At least I have no sleep deficit now.


Woke up about 12 o'clock this morning after having had the weirdest dreams ever. But they were quite cool actually. It could have been such a nice movie. And the best part is, I don't think I have the idea from anywhere. All original =D. Well, to cut it short:

I was the resistance leader of a people on a planet who were being repeatedly attacked and repressed by another group who mostly lived in a weird construction out on the water.

On this planet were also the ruins of a large spaceship that had crashed a long time in the past. But since then forests had covered the ruins and somehow entered into the synapses of the ship's AI (in the dream I was showed what looked like a huge circle of tall pillars which were all connected with vines). And somehow this had allowed the ship's artificial intelligence to become part of the forest. So the forest on the planet was sentient.

In my attempts to fight the other group of people on this planet I went to the centre of that sentient forest to try and get it to help us. To get there I had to use a weird type of flying machine and enter a sort of grove that was situated quite high up. But unfortunately the forest was very aggresive towards me. As soon as I had entered the grove it made some kind of weird, orange shield which trapped me and my companions inside. And then it started to attack us with some weird green creatures which started killing my friends. But it soon stopped again, and some weird, taller creature came to us. It was the voice of the forest, it told us.

I tried talking to it, but it told me that it would not help us because we were all bad for this planet. I tried yelling back that it was all wrong, but it wouldn't listen. In the end I gave up and said that we would leave it alone if we were allowed to leave. The creature went away and the shields were lifted allowing us to fly away again. It was a really creepy experience.

When we got back to our small village with the other refugees, I was greeted by all the people there. I only had bad news of course, but everyone were happy to see me back safe anyway. Some of the children had made me drawings.

But during the night we were attacked by a raid. A lot of people were killed, and even children weren't spared. We managed to drive the invaders out, but we were furious. So the next day we decided to do a counter-attack. A small group consisting of me and two others flew out to one of their huge constructions out on the water, which we infiltrated. By somehow hypnotising a guard, I found out their weak point, which was a water filtering system in the centre of the complex.

It wasn't hard getting there actually. And once I got there I only had to turn a wheel and the water slowly began to get poisoned. Unfortunately this was when we were discovered and we had to escape the place quickly, or get killed.

And that was when I woke up :P. I don't know if the poison water was enough to do any real damage. I remember thinking in the dream that it was important that we could get out without being discovered. But well :P..

And this is the point where I am now. I'm planning to just finish the exercises today, and relax.

And I like cocoa.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Language of Kǒng Fūzǐ?

Nice, calm day today. I like it. I don't know what happened, but while I was out buying new ink catridges for my printer I randomly bought two PS2 games. Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus and Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call. It's NOT the time to use money now.. A new month has just begun and I don't exactly have an overflow after the recent holiday. And in two days is another bar. And I just saw I've been given a café-duty next Friday. And when looking at our time table, it looks like everyone has free that day. So not only will I probably be all alone (since noone would go there just to keep me company =( ) and I'll also be missing out on badminton. And that really sucks. I'm thinking about asking a friend tomorrow if he can't take that day for me. Instead I'll swap with his dreaded clean-up on Saturday. I was planning on taking it anyway, but maybe I was too late.

And I found a new song called Zhong Guo Hua in Chinese and I'm slowly beginning to understand a little more of that language (Zhong Guo means Chinese and Hua means language). And I really really like the song as well :P. Also talked with a guy knowing Chinese about a few Chinese Characters I've seen in a movie and in a sort of hallucination. I really need to know what they mean. I'm getting him to ask his Dad about it, since he can't remember what they mean by himself.

And I'm really enjoying protein chemistry. And I hope humane biology as well, but I'm first really starting that subject next week. It's funny that what I thought would be so boring is proving to be so fun to read about. I'm not forcing myself to read it at all, it's actually fun! I've also sorted through all the information regarding timetables and exercices in the various subjects, and it looks a bit weird some days. Sone days for example I have less than 15 minutes to run from one faculty to the other to make the lessons in time. Plus some of the days are over 6 hours long! It's not that it's something extreme, but it's longer than I was used to. I think it'll be hard concentrating when sitting through three lectures in a row after just having two hours of exercises. I'm sure some people will skip the exercises these days. It's really confusing having to look at two seperate timetables and fitting it all into place too. And it doesn't look like there's any pattern at all. So finding a stable place to work will prove impossible. Bwah..

And as the twilight again sets over this town in these cold winter days,
I once again look
ahead to days spent whiling away the time; looking windward.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Sure I do!

A nice and easy start to university today. I was met on the bus this morning by a huge hug and a "wow, it's sure a long time ago we saw each other!!". Hm, yeah, one week sure is a long time (?) :P.. Later I bought my books and said hi to more people. Went home, played piano, read a bit, planned what I need to do tomorrow, fell asleep, got sick and watched some Family Guy again. I think this time the two subjects won't be too hard actually. I looked at the reading plan for protein chemsitry and enzymology and it's relatively few pages we have to read each week, at least compared to biochemistry. It might be hard studying it the same time as humane biology, but we'll see. I'm also getting a bit tired of writing this blog. No real motivation anymore. I could use the time better, like for example exercising =). And I miss the forest. Looking forward to this place getting warmer. Already preparing to go biking in "Hare Forest" in the spring here in Denmark. At the end are some pics I took myself in the Belgian forests.