Friday, 9 January 2009

Just a state of mind..

Today was alright. I deducted one point. We had out last anatomy classes today, with our teachers thanking us for being really good students. Talked a bit with a guy about living only with strawberries as your sole material. You'd have to use them for making clothes and eating and everything. Weird, but funny thought.

After a quick lunch/cake it was back to the university bar for a quick recap on the past few days of exam studying. And it went quite well. We're learning to recognise the structure of all amino acids now! Once, in chemistry class, I remember our teacher telling us, that if we decided to do university biology or something in that area later, we would have to know all 20 amino acids by heart. And at the time, I had a tiny bit of trouble just remembering that there were 20 amino acids, and remembering the difference between alanine and glycine, the two most basic amino acids you can find. But, well, here I am today, having to know all of them =). And I'm proud of it =D.

I decided to stay a bit after the quick recap and talk a bit with the others. That got extended into also playing quite a few games (with the help of a little convincing - how the hell does she do it?). All in all, I think I stayed about 3 more hours than I had intended at first, but I don't regret it at all =D. I had loads of fun.

When I got home it was dark and cold. It kind of takes away your energy. And on the stairs was a nice note to me from our property manager: "Please remove your newspapers from the hall immediately". They were in a small corner where noone went anyway, and in the way of noone. People had never complained before, and I have put them there for the last two months and not heard a word from anyone. And now suddenly it's not allowed. So I had to carry all of it up 3 floors and put them in my living room. I told my dad about it when he called today, and he told me he would talk to the managers if I wanted; he got a bit pissed off as well. He also told me to get a haircut (can he see me through the phone or something??). Anyway, I've realised that this can't go on, and I've decided to quit my job now. After tomorrow I'll send a mail with my resignation. Problem is that it says in my contract I still have to work for two more weeks after I've quit, and I'm afraid I might not be home in the second week. Ah, well. What can they do? (probably sue me and all kinds of nasty stuff, but let's just ignore that, alright :P)

The picture on the left is probably how I'll look in about 10 years or so :P. The owl is probably my newest test animal, and that staff is actually a huge syringe :P. And, like the text says, I'll be invading God's territory through the course of manipulating genes. Although most don't realise it, we are probably as close to the modern-day alchemist/magician that we can come.

As a child I was always fascinated by magic and healing and all that. I even studied astral travel, wicca and occult texts for quite a while. And I've experienced one or two things that are unexplainable. Our world is really a mysterious place, and I'm happy that we can't (yet) explain everything that happens. I once read a book containing collections of unexplained things and there were quite a few things where scientists were completely baffled. For example a guy claiming to be able to perform travels in the real world in his dreams, was tested by going to sleep in a monitored bed. He then had to "fly" in his dreams to the ceiling of a room in the same building where a series of numbers were written on the bottom of a bucket hung from the ceiling. He got it right multiple times. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Many people have since done the same thing (called astral travel) with more or less success, but there has been no more experimenting in the area as far as I know. I've tried doing it once myself, and I've succeeded halfway, but I was too freaked out that it actually worked, so I never got further. But that's probably a story for another time.

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