Wednesday, 21 January 2009

It just keeps tumbling down

I'm writing this semi-drunk. But anyway. Today's exam was really annoying.

Not only was it really hard, but I made the most stupid mistakes. And after all that practicing, getting stupid questions like this really pisses me off. But at least I can console in the fact that it's holiday now. Sob, and I'm annoyed about something else. It's probably soon time to cut old ties and start again.

Tomorrow is going to be a completely relaxing day. Maybe a bit of biking and finding a geocache or two. But I'll finally sleep long. And I just got a "maybe" job offer from a friend at university today about a job as a water analysist in a laboratory in a town near me. And another friend's dad is looking for student jobs for me in his company which is in walking distance from my appartment. I'm on way to a new job =).

I don't really have anything else to say for today. I wish everyone who's finished with their exams a happy holiday and good times.

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