Sunday, 25 January 2009

I don't like the word "normally"

First of all, sorry for writing this so late (again, again, I know..). But the fact that I'm writing this at 5.30 in the morning is because I just came home. Surprisingly, I'm not so drunk (partly accounted for by the fact that the prices of drinks in clubs are insanely high).

Started today with my last round of newspaper delivery. It was a huge load this time, but it was sweet when in was over. I won't have to do it again =D. Now I just have to get my bike trailer picked up Tuesday morning and I'll be cut from all ties with that vampire company. After I came home I began watching Ghost in the Shell; an anime I've heard a lot of good about. It's kind of scary though, and very philosophical. It talks about what makes a human human and about what reality is. I've always found those subjects interesting, so the anime's great. I unfortunately didn't get to watch all of it because I had to leave for the evening then.

I won't go into details about the evening, other than it was fun and different. It was the first time I have gone to any Danish bars for real in Copenhagen. I was amazed at the overcharged prices and the (wtf) easy girls. It was a whole other different scene than Belgian clubs though. And clothing style is also pretty different. I also got to play pool and table football. I lost at pool, but I won every single table football game, so that was alright.

What wasn't alright was that Denmark lost against Poland in men's handball. Granted, Poland played better, but Denmark gave them a race to the finish at the end. And since we're Denmark, we deserved to win :P. Plus, the judge was clearly against Denmark; giving penalties at the most random of times.

And now I'd better get to sleep. I have no plans for tomorrow, except relax, watch a few films and sleep late. Aaah :D..

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