Monday, 1 December 2008


Something's wrong. I can feel it. I have no idea what it is, but something isn't right. And I'm afraid I'll find out what it is soon. It's really weird..

This morning, I woke up about 10 minutes before my bus left for university, and it normally takes me ten minutes to get to the bus stop. But guess what. Without breakfast, shower, superhuman speed dressing, a lot of running and motivation in the form of a girl calling me and telling me I had to (and I quote): "PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER AND RUN!!" I actually made it. I was quite surprised too. Yeah, today was weird.

Other than that it was a ridiculous day in the sense of catching up with reading. I'm quite annoyed at myself. I fell asleep for 3 hours when I came home. Then I went Christmas shopping, and I've got all the pressing things bought now. I got my parents the fourth season of Lost (which the whole family has been watching up until now) and I got my father two football books of the year 2008 for his birthday. I'm quite sure they'll be happy for the gifts. I just hope they don't find this blog, or it won't be a surprise anymore :P. That would be kinda weird.

I'm allowed to make personal withdrawels from my bank account now, so that's where I got the money from (about time). But I've decided to lay off my spending big time, and actually make a budget. I can't really do the budget before January next year (since taxes won't kick in before then) but I'm spending an absolute minimum now. Water is not so bad after all =). And pretty soon I'll probably be discovering the wonders of instant coffee and tea :P. It's weird thinking of myself becoming a coffeine addict all of a sudden, so I hope it doesn't go that far.

Today I've only managed to read 7 pages in the book, but I'll try to read more later. The quiz today didn't go so well. I made some pretty stupid mistakes. But well, it's only as a reference to ourselves so we can see our level. I don't actually think our marks are ever written down. Weird.

And. I want to go to Egypt. I saw some pictures of people who had been on holiday in Egypt and it looked so cool! I want to see sphinxes and pyramids :P. Going to Peru is a priority as well of course. The only problem is getting the funding =).. But I guess it would be weird for a first-year student to be able to finance some extraordinarily exotic voyage, like I want to go on. So I guess I'll have to wait a few years before undertaking such endeavours. (Did you notice that? I didn't use a certian word in this paragraph's last sentence. Which, according to some, might actually be this one. Wow, that was weird!)

I saw an ad for a Christmas present consisting of a roll of toilet paper all filled with sudoku grids. For the real sudoku fanatics who can't stop doing them even when they're going to the toilet. "Mum, dad has been in the toilet for 3 hours straight now, and I really have to go, and I'm afraid there'll be no toilet paper left for me when he's finished =(!" Weird thought, isn't it.

I'd better stop now. People would think I was writing a whole novel by now.

And wouldn't that be weird =)?

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  1. ... jeg kan godt lide du reducerer mig ned til et "a girl", når man tænker på det er min (og KUN min) skyld du i det hele taget tog dig sammen og tog hjemmefra! :P