Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Depressing day. Nothing much to say.

I failed to get up an hour earlier like I wanted to, being woken up by my alarm after a nightmare of me cutting open snakes and seeing yellow fat bodies, that looked like the ones in the frogs we dissected at university, crawling and wiggling their way out of its body. Gross. So I just laid there on my bed drifting in and out of sleep for the next hour until I finally managed to get up.

It was cold, dark and raining outside. Noone to greet my by the bus stop and noone I knew in the bus. I nearly didn't speak to any of the people I normally speak a lot with, I don't know what it was. Got to play some cards and do exercises, and I forgot to buy lunch which I felt quite strongly when I realised I had three hours left without breaks and no chance to get anything. And then our teacher began talking about food. Not fun.

I'm slowly beginning to shop for a true feast of cake/buns and "æbleskiver"; a typical danish type of dessert thing for my birthday. I'm really in trouble with paying everything since I also have to pay for the bowling alley rent. So I've been saving on everything for myself the last week now to fund it :P. Every second glass i drink now has to be water from the tap. This way bottles of coke or whatever last twice as long as usual! And I've been eating oatmeal porridge for breakfast every day now, because it's cheap and there's a whole lot of it in a package (yeah, I AM getting tired of it now :P). I'm looking forward to getting my money back! If for some reason I can't get them back, I seriously will do something drastic (eg. tell my parents)!

One good thing though. I've decided to get another job. And I've already found the right one for me. Thanks to people at the university recommending it to me! I'm 99% sure they'll hire me. And the pay is good and they give bonuses too. Only problem is you have to be 19 to take the job.. But then I realised that's only in a week! Joy :D!

Don't know yet what I'll do with my old one, maybe I'll just keep it as well. I looked into the company and it seemed that they've been known to pay an excessively low pay and they've even been to court and in the media here in Denmark and all kinds of things. Just great I didn't know that before I took the job. But well, I'll survive on the inhuman pay for now =). I'm not giving up. Never :P. Delivering newspapers makes me get up early and keeps me fit ^_^! And I get the occasional large clementine from a friendly woman, and that makes my day =)!

And a girl just told me she has bad news for me on msn. I just kind of expected that actually :P. Seems an agreement we had has been postponed. Ah well, that happens, and I can't blame her. She does have a valid excuse :P. It's just funny that all bad things come in cascades. Haven't you noticed that too? Bad things never come alone.


In Japanese that means: The following morning is always delightful. It's a typical saying. Ok, I just made that up, but what the hell :P. If the saying doesn't exist, then it should =)!

I'm sure tomorrow will be a good day.

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