Saturday, 20 December 2008


Started today with badminton and gift shopping with a friend, then had two friends over, one of them baking bacon. And had an ultimate weird conversation with the guy afterwards. "BeKON", wtf :P. But fun it was.

Christmas dinner was. Great. I'm so drunk at the moment of writing this, it's ridiculous. Had loads of fun there, played games and talked a lot. Found out my hair colour was kinda neutral/boring and talked about colouring it darker. I'm considering it. And a girl told me I was a great guy, and I smiled a lot at that (positive way).

And I also got my belated birthday present from one of my friends today. A Mao t-shirt. An inside joke of course. I laughed so much at it. And I got that ugly Chinese doll I so much wanted to have, at that christmas dinner gift game. And my carrot cake I also got, was baked by three girls, and they kind of killed it. Poor carrot cake =(. I knew it was a bad idea to let them bake it for me :P.

And now it's bedtime. Tomorrow is another christmas dinner. I hope it doesn't get too much out of hand!

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