Sunday, 30 November 2008

I art Cookie

Yes. Today was really really great :D. I went to the Christmas dinner today, and it was really fun. They have the coolest new dog, and they're really great to talk to. I even got a contact at the pharmaceutical university (an American lector) who promised me lunch and wanted to show me around the faculty. She said she might even help me with books! So cool. I also got a ton of cookies (literally, they filled my whole backpack up with different kind of cookies made from American recepies), so I won't need snacks for a month now =)!

Tomorrow is a new week. Not looking forward to all the reading I need to get done. I need to find the time to post that letter I got from the city hall and send it to my parents in Belgium. My dad seems to be getting impatient about it already, even though it's only a few days since I got it signed. Ah well. I'm too tired to write much more.


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