Saturday, 6 December 2008

Scooters, holidays and autumn

Today was GOOD =). My newspaper rounds went remarkably painfree and a woman even gave me a huge clementine. It didn't rain and that made it a hundred times easier. I think this job can actually be enjoyed once all the right conditions are met :D. And I'm getting real pro at handling all the papers. Every week is actually a challenge in finding the right way to pack the ads the right way for getting it through the letter boxes as efficiently as possible. Yeah, you'll probably have to try it yourself to see what I mean. I've gotten a lot of respect for postmen this last month. Letters don't just magically appear in your letter box. Real people traversing all sorts of perils actually bring them to you. Even if you live at the edge of the world in a 150-storey building and it's raining like the sky was falling down. Think about that =).

Wondering about the titles of my posts? This one is from the suggested labels for posts in the bottom of the posting screen. Yes, to answer, they're quite random. It's whatever I hear/see/think/feel right before writing the post.

I didn't get to wrap up any gifts yet. I'll try to do it tomorrow!

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