Monday, 29 December 2008

Am I blind?

I slept until three o'clock yesterday and played a lot of wii with my brother. That's all I remember :P. What an unsignificant day.

Today I had my old friend from Belgium (who now studies in Warwick, England) visiting. We had loads of fun. Talked a lot, played wii and cards (not just any type of cards; hint: MTG). Didn't go for a walk with my family because of a series of annoying decisions by my parents that kept making it impossible to find the time for it. It had to be the perfect time of day with perfect weather and temperature. And of course they manage to postpone it every day except today, when my friend is coming over. I'm getting the feeling that they aren't that enthousiastic about going on a walking trip after all :P.. Ah well.

We also spoke about holidays today. My dad says we'll probably go to Iceland this summer and my grandmother invited me and my brother to New York or another place in the US of choice afterwards. I'm looking forward to it =D. My grandmother has been to 90% of the countries in the world. It's quite incredible. In two weeks she's off to China for "only the 15th time" according to herself. Well, she's worked a lot of her life in an airline company, so she gets both hotels and flights for nearly no money at all. And it works for family members as well. New York (or other random destination of choice in the US) here i come =D! (And Iceland sounds really cool, but my Dad HAS been known to make empty promises, and this wasn't even a promise, sooooo..)

I'm going home to Denmark tomorrow with my suitcase stuffed with presents and food (yes, my Mum insisted..) so I will have enough cakes and sweets to live on for a month. It's going to a be a bit weird getting back. There's New Year, which I'm looking forward to, and exams and back to university again and all. It's weird, it feels like a whole other world right now.

I'd better get some rest. Travelling always drains me of my energy, and I need it for getting home :P. Cya!

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