Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Sometimes green and blue are the same

I was so tired after today. I don't really know what it was. And the stuff we're doing now in biochemistry is quite frankly the Sausage of Death. Yeah, that expression may not make sense and that's exactly what biochemistry is not either at the moment. And I really don't like the lecturer, he sucks.

Nothing much else to say today. I finished reading The Little Prince. I can strongly recommend the book. It's quite frankly, genius. And I started a new book I also got as a present called Schild's Ladder. A science fiction book; one of the grand ones. I found out it's in the same league as Revelation Space, a book I read about a month ago. They're special because of the fact that they introduce completely new ideas not seen anywhere else before. And that they're mindboggling and make you think about a lot of things. I've only read about 20 pages and I'm already hooked.

Oh yeah. I fixed my keyboard problem by doing a system restore. Now half of my pc is fucked though. Shitty price to pay for just three letters. I'm slowly fixing things, right now I'm fighting with Firefox not wanting to open.

Tomorrow I'm going shopping for presents to my grandmother and an elder woman who lives in my apartment complex. I'm blank concerning what to buy, but going to Copenhagen tomorrow. I'll find some new ideas there, I hope.

Hmm, I'd like to say something intelligent here. But nothing really comes to mind. Wo bu zhong guo - I am not China; about sums up what I've learnt about Chinese language structure so far. So I'm finishing this post by quoting a famous chinese philosopher:

Ching lung hua gong gong gong er chungling gua karaoke.
Chong ching-chang namnam.
Ni men you fan yi yuan ma? Shi, wo chou yin. Duo xie.

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