Monday, 8 December 2008

Wakey, wakey!!

Up at 6 o'clock this morning after having fallen asleep at 2 o'clock the night before. Woke up directly from a nightmare about a weird form of tree that wanted to kill me and my family (because I had said no to being friends with it) growing in the kitchen of my old house. And it could hear every little whisper we said, and my mum was in the kitchen and she refused to stop talking, and she started cutting it with a miniscule pair of scissors and I was freaked out and then my alarm clock rang. And I was completely awake. For the first ten seconds or so.

This is the first morning I have ever drunk coffee. I made it extra strong. And, let me tell you, wow :P. I became hyper. I've never been so awake a monday morning at the bus stop standing in the still dark, freezing madness that is the bus stop at monday morning daybreak. I thought it would only last a little while. But no. It lasted the whole afternoon. I even tried to take a nap (because that's what I usually do, since I'm normally completely exhausted). But I couldn't fall asleep. It's completely insane, I know. I actually felt like doing stuff! So I read some (not biochemistry :P) and practiced some piano; I can now almost play the Tetris theme flawlessly with two hands. And it reminded me of the Ducktales theme, so I'm gonna see if I can't find the sheet music for that and learn it too. But of course the coffee-boost lasted only so long. And I eventually had that nap. And boy were my dreams fucked. I feel like sharing, so you can see how fucked my midday nap dreams sometimes are. Don't worry if you don't understand everything. It has a lot to do with everything I thought about today. I think almost every thought today was in that dream in some completely absurd way. For example, I had written my parents a Christmas wish list and got an email about details of a registration system for university (somethink called punkt.ku) before I fell asleep. Well, enough of the explanations, here is the dream:

It started at home, in my old house that is. I was talking to my mum about going to university. I somehow knew what the time was and I knew it would take me thirty minutes to get to the university, but classes would begin in ten minutes. My mum, who was at the time sowing a fullsized double bed out of silk strings, told me that I had lots of time. And I believed her, because I could see the non-existant logic in what she said. Then I went and found the Christmas presents I had bought for my family and put them in our driveway. Which looked a lot like a driveway into a parking cellar (you know, those circular roads that you use to drive up and down levels). I have no idea why I placed them in the middle of the driveway, I just put them on a line there, because I knew it was the right thing to do. And about a second later my dad, who for some reason had been out collecting my brother, drives into the driveway with crazy speed, running over all the presents. I'm completely shocked, not because all the presents have escaped miracolously and are in perfect condition, but because now they've seen what they're getting for Christmas. I once again enter the house and start speaking to my mum. She says (while sowing frantically; the double bed is now nearly finished, made entirely out of silk threads) that I should better drink some alcohol. And bam! That comment makes me drunk on the spot. In my drunk state I now realise that the lecture started two minutes ago, and I try to decide if I should go or not. I decide to go, and realise by the same non-existant logic that you so often find in dreams, that I will only be two minutes late if I leave immediately.

And then I'm in the lecture hall. And it's nothing like how it looks in reality. It's a sort of cinema, with sofas and armchairs. "This is my first real lecture", I think in the dream, "and I'm really looking forward to meeting my lecturer in English". Because that was what I was taking my Bachelor's degree in. During the first lesson we would be handed out the books in English literature. The first thing I noticed was that our lecturer was Danish, seemed to be quite a nice guy and wore huge, pink glasses which resembled diving goggles with an including snorkle. I shook hans with him, because he wanted to know each of us personally, and I thought that was quite a different approach than I was used to. Then he kind of disappears and I start talking with some of the people in the hall (some were real people from my real university class). I noticed they were all eating cake.

I was still extremely drunk, and I couldn't really keep my balance and I kept falling down into the huge sofas. I actually didn't really want the cake for some reason. But as I went into a small corridor in the side of the hall a girl is standing there while cutting a piece of cake for herself, and I see there are nearly no cake slices left. She is sort of mumbling to herself, and then asks me in a whisper if I want the piece of cake. I gladly accept and start eating it. I go back into the hall and start talking to a guy that also exists in my real university class. Now both our mouths are full of cake and when we speak it sounds really really weird. In the beginning it only sounds muffled, but soon both our voices change completely to some really high pitched, tube-like, sci-fi sounds that sound a lot like a duck quacking in a falsetto voice (yes, that was what I thought in the dream). We can't understand a word, so I go back into the corridor by half jumping half flying.

Here I understand that a girl I know has stolen a guy's university access card (we all have one of those at my real university) and for some reason it has been given to me. Right next to the cake tray is a small pincode scanner. I swipe the card in front of it and it beeps. For some reason I instinctively reach my hand out to the keypad and press a small icon called delete. A confirmation screen comes up asking if I really want to do it (that is; delete the person who owned the card). By some unknown way I know that it would be wrong to do it. And suddenly and old secretary-like woman appears and tells me that yes, it would be wrong of me to do it. So I remove the card and the machine logs out again. I once again enter the hall.

Here I strike up a conversation with the guy again, feeling more drunk than ever. But suddenly he starts saying weird dut-dut-dut noices. And then I start doing the same. I keep repeating the same word again and again. I can't control it, and I can't move. And people begin flying all around the room. And they're flying so fast they begin spelling names in the air. And I suddenly realise that someone had hacked all our university cards via the punkt.ku web portal system and used it to control us all like robots.

I then opened my eyes (waking up in real life) but I was still in a dreamlike state, so I couldn't move. I thought that was quite natural considering that someone had just hacked my study card, so I lay in my bed drifting continously in and out of sleep. I woke up by the mailman ringing the door bell to my apartment. And like usual I remembered what I had dreamt, but I was still quite shocked at the absurdity of this particular dream. Even though my usual midday naps are normally weird, this one beats them by orders of magnitude :P.

Well, that was it for today's dream. I got about 10 pages of reading done here in the evening, and I'm quite proud of that. I know I'll have to read actively this week because of not so much time in the weekend, so it's a good start!

On Wednesday I'm going to a Christmas fair, yay :D! Looking forward to that! Other than that, I don't think there's much else to say about my day. Oh yes, I got quite negatively surprised at my incredibly low salary (after taxes that is) but I'm not sure if I'll get some of the money back from the government since I don't think I have to pay full taxes when I don't earn that much. I'll have to ask some people about this though. I really am clueless about tax issues :P. Well, that should be it! I'll be going to bed soon.

Sweet dreams!

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