Thursday, 4 December 2008

I feel like abusing the word "China"

Greetings! Nothing much happened today. Except something completely extraordinary.

I did not fall asleep a single time today. And didn't feel tired during lectures and calculation classes. Coffee (yes, I know, I gave in to it..) can do WONDERS! Now I can finally catch up with my reading!

It's quite cool, I'm slowly beginning to understand how the body metabolises food and uses it to make all sorts of things. And it makes me wonder what kind of a freak metabolism I have. I can't get fat no matter how much or what I eat. Perhaps I have some kind of hyperoverproductive enzyme that refuses to store fats and instead use them for some mysterious other purpose. I'm definetely not complaining about this freak enzyme, it just makes you wonder what it is that actually makes such a difference. I'm beginning to think like a real biochemist now :P. I will never be the same agan, muahaha :D. Ok, enough with that.

I realise again that I forgot to post what I promised yesterday. So I'll post the translation to that dutch letter now (phew, that took a little time, Dutch is very differently built up than English):

Dear Son,

I'm writing this letter to you to let you know that I'm writing to you. If you've got this letter, you received it. If you don't receive it, then please return it to me, so I can send it to you once again. I'm writing this letter very slowly, as I know, you can't read that quickly.

The other day your Dad read somewhere that most accidents occur less than one kilometre from the home. We've therefore decided to move and live a place that's further away. It's a wonderful house, with a built-in washing machine. I just still don't know exactly how it work, because yesterday I put the laundry into it and flushed. I haven't seen the laundry since. But well..

The weather's not so bad. Last week it only rained twice: The first time it lasted 3 days, and the second time it lasted 4 days.

Concerning the coat I bought you: Uncle Jef told me, that the buttons are too heavy, so it's going to cost more to send it to you. That's why I've removed the buttons and put them into the pockets of the coat.

Your granddad has been buried in the meantime. We found his body by chance in connection with the moving: He had been sitting hidden in the closet since last time we played hide and seek. On the other hand, we haven't seen uncle Isidor since he died last year either.

Not so long ago we had a gas explosion in the kitchen, so your Dad and me were flung out of the house together. What an event: It's the first time in years that we've been out of the house together.

Now that we're speaking about your Dad: He got a promotion at work and is really proud. He now has 500 people under him. Now he cuts the grass at the graveyard.

Your sister Julia, you know, the one who's married to her husband, has become pregnant. We still don't know if it's a girl or a boy though. Consequently, I can't tell you if you've become an aunt or an uncle. If it turns out to be a girl, your sister will name her after me. It's a bit weird to call your child "Mum". Your other sister, Mia, has also been pregnant for 5 months. You know she's a very loose girl, that's why I asked her, if she was sure that the child really was hers.

Last week, your brother Kristian had closed the car door and accidently left his key in the ignition. He had to take the bus all the way home to fetch the reserve car cars so he could get us out of the car.

And so my son, I won't write our new address on the cover of the letter, for the reason that I don't know it. The previous owners took the house number with them to put it up at their new house.

If you should run into Marianne, greet her many times from us. If you don't see her then don't say anything to her.

PS: I thought I would send some more money with this letter, but then I had already sealed the envelope.

Greetings from Mum!

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