Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The noise of childhood

Yeah, I remembered it again today. That noise. And the weird gray lines. Nearly slipped into that state of mind again. Stayed there for almost five minutes I think. I'm happy that time is over.

I have no idea what happened today. Everyone in comparative anatomy think I'm colour-blind now. They think I can't see the difference between blue and green. That type of colour blindness doesn't even exist. Tritanopia is the closest to that type of colour blindness. But it's so rare that it's nearly impossible. And even if I had that, I would also confuse yellow with violet. As I said I don't know what happened. I just said it as a joke. And they all believed it.. And I just couldn't get myself to say it was a joke, it was so funny to see their reactions. I'll tell them tomorrow.

I don't like that it's so easy for me to convince people something is true.. It's the same as in games, I've been told I'm nearly a perfect bluffer. Some people from my old school said they were happy I didn't lie in real life to get things. I did that when I was little, I know. I even made grownups do stuff they shouldn't have done. Yeah, I wasn't very nice I guess :P. But that's the past, don't be scared.

I went Copenhagen to buy gifts and I found almost all that I needed. And I nearly decided to buy an Xbox 360. I've heard much bad about the PS3 and the Wii is not for me (my little brother has one anyway).

I'm tired now and I'll go to sleep. Goodnight!

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