Saturday, 13 December 2008

Ato sanbyaku meetoru de migi ni magarimasu

"After three hundred metres please turn right", says my GPS in Japanese and I end up in front of the hugest lake. I was quite surprised. I had no idea there was this huge a lake so close to where I live. And I just realised today that if there was a university course that studied time, I would probably be attending that.

Time is fascinating and I wish we could somehow learn to know it better and perhaps get an understanding of how to change it. I know it would be chaos and all hell would break lose and that it could be misused big time. But I'd still like to know how you can put a clock in a spacecraft and let it travel quickly around the Earth a few days, and then pull it back in, and see that time on board the spacecraft has passed slower than time on Earth. I really don't understand it. I remember doing calculations about how time would change depending on how fast you went. But how..

I made the coolest presents for my brother this Christmas, really spent a lot of time on it. I'm so happy we share the same type of completely random humour, and THIS item is surely a piece of art in what concerns randomness. He'll laugh himself to death trying to open this thing. I won't reveal anything more than that :P.

I've been busy these last two days. Delivering newspapers, wrapping gifts, cleaning, buying food and drinks and everything else that needs to be done that takes time. That's why I'm going to bed a bit early today. Looking forward to tomorrow! (My birthday :D).

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