Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Oh yes.

Merry christmas!!

And now that that's said I'll MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Yes.. ok.. again.. that was uncalled for..

In other news. Today was quite fun. Went for a five hour walk (without breaks) in the woods and I got to see a lot of cool things. I chanced upon the railway when I took a path I hadn't taken before and stood about 5 metres away when a high speed train passed by. That was really a scary experience. I also saw ducks.

And, darkness here in Belgium first begins to fall at around half past five to six o'clock!! I feel cheated that it happens so much earlier in Denmark :P. No wonder I felt the days were so very short there, when I'm used to this lavish delivery of sunshine. Cold and dark Denmark. But I like it anyway =D.

I was used as a translator today when we watched the Miss Belgium competition in tv. One of our neighbour's daughter was a contestant, but she didn't win unfortunately. It was weird realising that I could sit and translate from both French and Flemish into Danish. I'd never fully realised it before. It's ind of freakish that I understand so many languages. Perhaps I should give up Japanese. --- Nah.. Never :P.

Had a conversation about coolness today with a girl in Denmark. And I rediscovered how scary it is when people read your thoughts, dude! Seriously, imagine a world where girls could go like: "Don't even think about that!" and actually would KNOW if you thought it or not. Scary.

Not much more from sunny and warm (oh yeah, 15 degrees outside all day, baby) Belgium.

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