Sunday, 7 December 2008

Searching the fort

Today was nothing really special I'm afraid. I somehow managed to read really effectively right after breakfast by doing it in the living room instead of my bedroom. I guess it's because I don't get distracted or want to fall asleep there. I guess I've found my own little study room :P. Nevertheless I can't remember a lot of the stuff I've read because, well, it's some really weird names and I didn't take the time to come up with mnemonics for everything. Ah well, those quizzes are only for ourselves anyway.

At around 3 o'clock I decided it was my last chance to go geocaching (it gets dark shortly after 4 here in Denmark) so I biked to a really old fort that was really well hidden behind a circle of houses. It was really a cool place, and I would have never guessed it was there. It's sort of lowered into what could have been a huge empty lake, and the houses all around entirely prevent you from seeing it. And it's not because the fort is small or anything. It's huge. And it continues a long way underground. The hint for this cache was "find it on your way up or down", and I had guessed it meant it was close to some stairs. And the coordinates fitted with a pair of wooden stairs leading onto a huge area covered with grass and trees. This was actually the roof of the fort. Yes, there were trees. See how big it was :P? Anyway, at this time it was too dark to really see a lot and I tried searching a bit with my hands but to no avail. I ended up using my bike light as a flashlight. Hurray for improvising! And I ended up finding the medium-sized box hidden in an alcove set into the rocks of the fort, partly hidden by the mounting stairs. Very well hidden. It's really a great feeling finding these hidden treasures. The feeling of finding something that's meant for you in the middle of nowhere put there by someone you don't know. You should try it sometime!

I didn't really get to wrap up any gifts today (lazy, lazy :P) but I managed to put the present on my living room table, so now they're there waiting for me. I wonder how I will get trhough next week. In the weekend I won't have much time (making cakes and bowling :P) and then there's the wrapping of gifts, reading (not complaing!), buying food, badminton, sleeping, enjoying life ( =) ) and uhm.. yeah you know, all the usual :P.

Well, tomorrow it's up at 6 in the morning, so I'd better wrap it up here. Goodnight!

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