Thursday, 19 February 2009

You f*cking transformed into a penguin?!

Just finished a 9,2 hour long Danish series called "The Kingdom" ("Riget"). It was really great. Funny, scary, thoughtprovoking and even relevant for my study (it happened at a hospital right next to my university)! It's such a pity the series was never fully completed though because some of the actors died.

And the series made me get into a huge conversation with someone I had kind of given up on contacting. So cool :D.

My dad and brother are visiting this weekend. So I'm putting things on hold and preparing the place. It means I won't get so much work done, but it's nice to relax a bit. We'll get to go to the cinema and stuff and I probably won't have to spend money on food, so that's always nice.

I've also got into a situation with two shrovetide (yes.. that word again) parties being held on the same day. And that's really annoying. Because I really want to go to both of them. There are two factors affecting my decision. One is a certain guy I'm avoiding completely, the other is the prospect of meeting new people and going somewhere unknown. So I might have to bail out on the university shrovetide party I'm afraid. And it's a bit of a pity, because there are some people I'd really like to see there who are going I think.

And my dreams are becoming weirder than usual. I found myself searching through a huge pond looking for a special type of box that had something important hidden inside. But the pond was full of boxes everywhere. And they were all closed, and some had special locks that I needed to solve as a type of puzzle to open. But the ones I solved were all empty. I couldn't find the right one. And a woman was searching with me, and I knew I had seen her somewhere before. That was yesterday. I can't remember the dreams from today. Only that I was happy when my alarm clock rang.

And I don't like chemistry kinetics. I hated it when we did it in chemistry, and now it's back in protein chemistry. Welcome second-order reactions and reaction rate constants.


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