Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Sure I do!

A nice and easy start to university today. I was met on the bus this morning by a huge hug and a "wow, it's sure a long time ago we saw each other!!". Hm, yeah, one week sure is a long time (?) :P.. Later I bought my books and said hi to more people. Went home, played piano, read a bit, planned what I need to do tomorrow, fell asleep, got sick and watched some Family Guy again. I think this time the two subjects won't be too hard actually. I looked at the reading plan for protein chemsitry and enzymology and it's relatively few pages we have to read each week, at least compared to biochemistry. It might be hard studying it the same time as humane biology, but we'll see. I'm also getting a bit tired of writing this blog. No real motivation anymore. I could use the time better, like for example exercising =). And I miss the forest. Looking forward to this place getting warmer. Already preparing to go biking in "Hare Forest" in the spring here in Denmark. At the end are some pics I took myself in the Belgian forests.

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