Friday, 13 February 2009


Try saying that out loud. Twice.

Yawn. I've still got the flu. Though not as badly as yesterday. If I'm lucky it's already nearly gone by tomorrow. Woke up this morning around seven, and had a great big think about whether I should go to school or not. I had nearly no sleep this night, partly because of being sick, partly because of having slept so much during the day (because of being sick..). But I got up anyway :D.

The one single lecture (yes.. only one) was quite alright. It's strange having so many new lecturers. And I'm happy that I'm so much ahead. I've read way ahead, plus I've already done the exercises for next Monday. I don't think I'm going to read so much up on humane biology since we don't really have an exam before in half a year (at which time I will have finished the protein chemistry theoretical course and can fully focus on humane biology). And also, I think that just as with comparative anatomy, I'll enjoy this subject and not have to read a lot.

After lectures I found out that for the shrovetide party tomorrow, we all needed costumes. And I don't really have any. So (I don't know how it happened) I somehow got invited home to a friend where we had lunch and he showed me boxes full of costumes he somehow had. And I'm proud to say, that of those things (plus one hat that I bought myself), this will be the weirdest and most random costume these people have ever seen (and nearly me too - only surpassed by a friend from Belgium who dressed up with a purple hat, lab glasses, way too small yellow pants with open zipper, a bowtie, different coloured socks and a green, way too small t-shirt). My costume truly doesn't make sense. But it will look funny. And that's what counts :P.

I realised something important today. But I seriously can't remember it. I hate it when I realise something really important, and I later forget it. "It's not important enough then, if you don't remember it", you say. No. That's not true. It's just like a dream. It's a state of mind that you somehow lose and can't get back too. Unless you try really hard. And I'm not going to bother with that right now. Ah, haha, I actually remember it now, just by writing that. Although it's completely unrelated.

Tomorrow I'll sleep late.

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