Tuesday, 10 February 2009

And even as I wander..

Yawn. Early day today. Nothing extraordinary happened. I was alone on the bus this morning for most of the way, then was met by a friend who got on the bus a few stops before university. We're getting better friends now, he even invited me to a party. And wanted to do high-fives with me.

That reminds me. EVERYONE already knows about what happened last Friday. And I only told one single person. And people are teasing me with it, wtf :P. Blah :P. And I'm wondering when I'll meet her again or even if. I haven't really spoken to her since that night, even though I added her on Facebook (and for those who know who I am: No, this is NOT a suggestion to go and look on Facebook and try to find her :P..).

On Saturday I'm going to a sort of shrovetide party (shrovetide is such a fucked English word for what is such a common word in Danish - fastelavn) with people from my university course, and I'm sure I'll get lots of more *fun* questions about what happened..

I'm also starting to get seriously sick. And I want it to go away. I don't have time!! There's quite a few things this week. The worst thing is that I got it from the people who went on our university ski trip. Damn those people :P. They should all have gone to Spain like we did =).

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