Tuesday, 10 February 2009

For once

Yeah, for once I will post something different and insane (?).
Meep, meep, beep, bop.

There are some things I hate,
some people I don't like,
and some things I want to be different.
There I some things I love,
some people I like,
and some things I wish happened more often.

Some music's nice, some's not. I like this, you like that. That's life!

Long before the planets were forming the true joining of pasts.
It just takes some time.
And everything will be alright. And everything will be just fine.

I'm playing that old tune again.
The one I always hate when it's coming,
but I always look forward to hearing once I know it's too late.
There's more I want to say.

I bet this could turn into a really fucked song.
Some emo thing maybe?
I found out today that I like music classified as emo.
Am I emo? Nah, I don't wear that type of clothes.

I don't always think drunk people are funny. Especially if I'm not drunk and they act like idiots. It's ok to say stupid stuff. But not stupid stuff that annoys and potentially pisses of people (big time).

What do I want in life? Huh?
To be happy of course :P. And a step in the right direction would be summer, an iPod and a bicycle.
Only the summer is missing. Hurry up!!

I don't want to be sick,
I eat too much sugar,
I don't get enough sleep.

I'm going to be healthy again,
sugary stuff tastes good,
you don't have as much fun asleep as awake.

Now what? A new thrill. A new challenge!!
You can do anything you want to!

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