Monday, 16 February 2009

Saecula saeculorum

Today was great.
What a lunch I ate!
And people were nice.
And people were nice.
(Hey, you said that twice!)

An angel on high,
calls from the sky:
"Get to work!"
And I'm pleased to say,
if I may,
I sit with a smirk.

I got all things done.
Things left to do: none.
So a game is in order,
since there's no disorder.

Det skifter; er oppe, er nede, hvor?
Der er ting jeg stadig ikke helt forstår.
Hver dag er jeg tættere på.
Tættere hver dag på at forstå.

Avec chaque pas, je m'approcherai
de la cible abandonnée, que je toujours connais.
Quoique que je n'y arrive jamais.
Mes rêves ne me quittent pas, désormais.

"Jij bent iemand bijzonder,
iemand heel speciaal.
We kunnen altijd gek doen,
ook een beetje schraal."

Sanctus dominus, salva me.
Pleni sunt coeli et terra gloria.
Ducis mihi ad via, proxime.
Ventus gero meus memoria.

Kore wa boku no bouken.
Wakatta, yuutsu de hanasemasen.
Shikashi, ningen wa zutto zankoku.
Anata mo, onaji tsubasa wo aru.

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