Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Spirit of the Hawk

Home, sweet home. Yep, finally home. After carrying that sickingly heavy shoulder bag which was my luggage. But I'm not complaining.

After a rather uneventful start of the day I got to the airport. And as usual weird stuff happens to me. An older man in front of me suddenly turns around while we're both descending the escalator. He says something I don't understand. I ask "what?". He says again: "What does the thing on your shirt mean". Me: "Napapijri?". Him: "Yep." Me: "Dunno." Him: "Ok, so where are you from?". And from there the conversation started. All the way to the security check it continued. We got over such varied subjects as Italian influence on Croatian architecture (he was a diplomat from Italy on his way to Budapest) and weather change in Southern Europe. I've never really had people strike up random conversations like this with me in an airport. Only with the people I sit beside on the plane. It must have been because of my very nice shirt.

While walking towards the gate later on a person suddenly walks really close to me. Really close, I see out of the corner of my eye. Actually brushing up against me now. I'm like "ok, wtf, is this person sick or something". But nope. It turns out to be one of the kids from the bus I took every morning while I lived in Belgium. He was kind of annoying, so luckily he wasn't on the same plane to Denmark as me. But it just proves that it's a small world after all, or I just know a lot of people who are likely to travel a lot, as well as on the same flight routes as me.

I come home to a surprisingly pleasing (but later evil mail) box. Just the day before leaving for Belgium I had placed a "NO ADVERTISEMENTS please" sticker on my mail box. So it was delightfully spacy even though so much time has passed.

The only thing I didn't like was a meek, innocent-looking letter from a transport company lying stealthily on the very bottom of the pile of mail. My fears are confirmed onc
e I open it. It's dated the freaking same day that I left for Belgium (remembering that I left for the airport in the morning before the mail had arrived). And in short it basically says this:

Hi there,

Remember last time you heard the door-bell at 7 o'clock in the morning, and you thought it was just the regular paper boy, who always rings everyone's doorbell to get inside the main hall with the newspapers? Well, this time it wasn't. Oh no. It was us. With a big, nice package for you, that couldn't fit in your mailbox. It was probably somethin
g really nice. Something you had waited a long time for. Like the new Guitar Hero controller, that you used hours and hours to get sent to you, by talking for hours with useless online help desks. Oh yes. It probably was that.

But now, you see. You didn't answer the door. Because you still had your night clothes on, you were tired and didn't know who it was, since you expected no visits that day, and definetely not that early in the morning. Well, that's just too bad. Because when you didn't open we just left. And waited a nice few days before slipping a letter into your mailbox telling you that you now have five days to get back in touch with us regarding a new delivery, or we will return your package to sender. Yep, you heard that right. We'll return it. What you probably used ages to get, we will now send back. Just so that everything will be completely messed up.

But hey? Now it's not our problem anymore.

Greetings and happy wishes from
General Logistic System Denmark A/S


I had three options after having read that.
  1. Cry about the futility of it all.
  2. Pretend I hadn't read the stuff about the package being returned after five days, and send them a nice mail asking to have the package delivered the next day, hoping desperately it would still be there or somehow remotely returnable.
  3. Kill.
I chose the onyl truly sensible option. No not 3, even though it was briefly considered. I chose door number 2, and hope that it will lead me to some vanishingly small speck of hope.

Ah well. I have quite a few things to look forward to though. And that's more than enough to keep my spirits up. It will just require a lot of planning and initiative to get everything started and done, and with work every weekday, I definitely won't get bored quickly.

Right now, I will perform a weather control trick to get nice(r) weather for Thursday, where there's a picnic for my old classmates from the school in Belgium. Let's see if I've still got a bit of that stuff left.

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