Tuesday, 4 August 2009

"Where we learn how our hero fares"

Wow. That wasn't fun. Food poisoning. Yep. And that was not fun. I cannot stress how not fun it was. But I think it's over now, finally. And I can function normally again. And eat normally again. I won't go into any more details about this five-day period of extreme dread and malaise, other than to say that during this time I managed to read two books, eat 200g of yoghurt and a few bananas (and nothing more during those five days) as well as drink about 50L of water (and gross salt solution thing, that was supposed to help me not die of dehydration - yay).

Yesterday I was at some friends' house for dinner. First day that I managed to eat alright again. I also bought a new Xbox 360 game called Eternal Sonata. It has the potential of becoming a really good game later on, although the story and constant reference to music seems absolutely ridiculous to me at the moment. And today I had a friend over, and it was lots of fun. Tomorrow I'm going to a friend's summer house for two days.

I also started work yesterday. And I'm actually beginning to enjoy it. It's not that boring at all. And I like that I have so much responsibility =). Also what happened yesterday, was that I went for a bike ride. And right when I'm about to turn around and head home, my pedal falls off. Yes, it somehow managed to dislodge itself completely and fall off. And OF COURSE you need some special kind of umbraco key to turn it back on. Which I went out and bought hastily today, and finally used to fix my bike. The bike trip tomorrow to that summer house will take more than two hours tomorrow. I seriously dread how much bad luck can be managed to be squeezed into such a huge timespan of opportunities. We'll see, or rather NOT see, I hope.

I also had my brother come and visit me from Belgium (mind you, it was not my choice - I had no say in the matter whatsoever). But we have a weird relationship of extremely weird humour (I wonder who he got that from :P) and mutual understanding and misunderstanding. So it's alright.

About that package. My guitar hero replacement. The one which apparently had been sent all the way back to Sweden, but I really hoped hadn't. Well, turns out it has. I contacted lots of people, but they all confirmed it had been sent further and further away. I of course watched all of this with the smile of beginning insanity. That guitar is seriously mocking me. As a last resort, I wrote another mail explaining my situation to the ridiculously stupid help-desk. I did that Friday. No answer as of today (Tuesday). I'm thinking about resending the mail again. 50 times. Then they ought to notice it. But I'll wait until Friday and hope.

Until then.

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