Friday, 17 July 2009

Repeating pattern

Lots of things have happened since last time. Lots.

I managed to get a sunburn (sob), but it wasn't too bad, and it should be pretty much gone by tomorrow.

We went on this cool boat trip as well, where we visited random islands. One of the islands was this huge nature reserve. And we got to swim in this magnificent lagoon with a big sunken ship in the middle og it and loads of fish swimming around inside it. Rich opportunities for snorkling and scuba diving!

On our way home with the ship we chanced upon a group of wild dolphins. That was more cool that I can describe. I've never seen anything like it. It's so much different than just seeing them at some show. They were doing all these cool tricks in the water and it looked like they were genuinely having fun. They liked getting close to the ship and riding on the ship's wake. Nice :D!

Today we went to this magnificent (yeah, I know I'm using a lot of grand words here, but it truly was :P) nature park in the middle of Croatia. It was extremely splendid :P. It had these really, really blue lakes and huge waterfalls and everything. You can see a picture of it by clicking here. I realise that this is some promo photo shot, but it really did look like this. I'll show you some pictures of my own once I get home. It was also really cool that you sort of walked on the waterfalls on these wooden walkways (you can sort of glimpse it in the top part of the linked picture). And the colour of the water was indescrbable. If I hadn't seen it myself I would have said it was coloured that way in Photoshop. It was THIS blue. We were told it was because of some chemical thing in the water. Carbanic something. But it was perfectly healthy. The drop pools and lakes were full of fish (and ducks!!). I can quite highly recommend visiting this park should you ever suddenly wake up in Zagreb or similar area situated in the general vicinity of the Plitvička jezera park.

And I've had weird dreams these last two days. My first dream was simple enough. I knew how to save the world. In three easy steps. And I actually formulated those steps to the UN. And I could clearly tell people what those steps were and how they would work to save the world. This normally never happens in dreams. It's ok to think you know how to save the world in a dream. But actually formulating the necessary steps is a bit weirder. Anyway, my only problem is that I can't remember steps 2 and 3 after I woke up, and I only remember very little of step 1. I was awoken in the middle of me formulating the three points to the American president.

I remember the 1st point consisted of advancing technology to a sufficient state, and it only required a very simple iteration sequence. And it had to do with a mathematical formula or method or something like that. And I remember thinking "heh, that was really close to what my friend once told me, it's just an expansion of that..".

I apologise to the world for the fact that I can't remember any more details of that dream.

The second dream I remember more of. For some reason I was in Japan and could only speak to people in Japanese. And I suddenly had to take the plane back to Belgium to do a Danish exam concerning a particular bird which I don't recognise. It was kind of stupid. But weird :P. And so, interesting.

Tomorrow we'll finally have a bit cooler weather (34 degrees celsius today..). There's going to be a thunderstorm tonight and so we'll have at least a tiny bit cooler weather for a single day. And then the temperature will skyrocket back to normal once again.

And I got really started with my work now. And I have the responsibility of sending answers about medical insurance to loads of patients now. So I'll get paid nicely :P. It's so nice I can do everything from home.

I'm looking forward to playing a certain game of cards (I've optimised my own collection now) and a certain board game once I get back to Denmark. I'm also looking forward to the canoe trip, the visit to a friend summer house and bike trips to faraway living friends in Denmark ^^!

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