Sunday, 5 July 2009

That was..

Well. Been some time since I wrote stuff that has been happening lately. But there's too too much to write about in a single post. So I'll list the stuff in as concise points as humanly possible:

  • Went biking with two friends in Copenhagen, finding two geocaches with them.
  • Before that, I went treasure hunting alone in Copenhagen on my bike. As a commercial stunt 50.000 kr had been hidden in the streets of the capital. The hunt started at 6 o'clock in the morning. I've never before voluntarily gotten up at 5 o'clock in the morning :P. But it was great fun!
  • I came up with a theory about ducks while on that trip in Copenhagen with the two friends. It's quite scary actually. I imagined that if you plotted the nodding movements of all the ducks' head in the whole world you would find the pattern of something called the Hilbert Transform with respect to the Earth's inherent field. I can't remember what that field is called. It's not a magnetic field or an electric field..
  • I'm going on a holiday to Belgium and then Croatia which will last the whole of this month.
  • Then when I get home I'm going to a friend's summer house.
  • I'm also going canoing with two other friends.
  • As well as bicycling to another friend again who lives about 60 km or so from here, it will be quite a trip ^^.
  • I've got some tasks for my new job finally. And completed some of them. Pay is really good and the work is fun! I love that I can do the stuff from home and then just write down how much time I spent doing it. I've also got my first payment. My job title is "Consultant". It sounds cool, doesn't it? And on my bank account it doesn't merely state "løn" (pay) as the title of the money transfer. No, it says "honorar" (I don't really know the translation for this; it's kind of what you would call the money you pay honorary people for their hourly services).
  • I've completed my first year of uni! My last exam was alright, even though the conditions were so weird. We had to go to the exam place by a tourist bus with no air-condition (we were told the bus would break down if the air-conditioning was turned on, bwah!) and we had to wait in it for an hour. Horrible. I lost all concentration, it was ridiculous. And the whole exam was on pc. But we had to use a pen for it. So weird. Inside the pen was a camera that could see what we wrote and the transferred it to the screen and converted it with some seriously advanced technology. Because we had to write on special paper it knew exactly where on the page we wrote or if we wrote on the backside of it etc. But I'm pretty sure I passed the exam, even though it weren't exactly my strongest subjects. (How the hell do you explain tetanus and summation in connection with a muscle fiber twitch myogram, argh xD!!)
  • I had two very fun "end of university" parties, where I ended leaving very late both times (around 4 o'clock in the morning - last bus).
  • I realise I've made some great new friends, and that it's limited how many more I can make because our study is so small. I wonder what the freshers next year will be like. Probably still all older than me :P.
  • I'm going to take Japanese as an evening class next year (for real!). I've already ordered the exercise book and everything. I talked with the study leader for Japanese and she told me my level was already enough for the intermediary course. I'm going to test myself first though before I decide which level I'll start at though. Besides that, I've been going trhough some online courses in Japanese, and I'm proud to say that there are rare times now where I don't need to look at the subtitles in anime. Because I get what they say. Sometimes it's more like "ah, when I read the english translation I can translate to Japanese and it fits with what they just said" though.
  • I'm a bit annoyed at how different Japanese sometimes is. They have double negative ffs :P. If they say "I do not 'not want' to go school" it means "I do not want to go to school". Yep, double negatives in Japanese just reinforce each other, unlike in most other languages where they cancel each other out. But on the other hand, if you say to a Japanese person: "You speak Japanese, don't you?" they will answer "No". Yep, in a sentence like that the negative answer cancels the negative in "don't you". Confusing, right?
  • I went to a VETO concerts in Tivoli in Copenhagen, which was really cool. I'd never heard the band before, but I must admit it was really good.
  • I've watched the anime Death Note to the end (wow, good one, and poor L) and I've started watching another one called Eureka 7.
  • Also saw Transformers 2 in the cinema. And before that I watched Slumdog Millionaire and Transformers 1 at home. And I want to see that new film Brüno (same actor and style as the Borat film). It looks hilarious!
  • It's been so hot here these last few days that it's impossible to sleep. I have every window open + a fan running nearly non-stop. And I still wake early in the morning because of the heat. But luckily the weather is going to cool soon enough.
  • I did a complete cleaning, polishing and oiling of my bike today. So it's completely fit for fight.
  • I went biking today at 22:30 and it was a brilliant mix of moonlight and weak daylight outside and around 20 degrees. It felt like it was the middle of the day and not late at all.
  • I've taken a certain liking to making burgers for lunch.
  • As well as a certain liking for cocoa.
  • And cake.

It's 2 o'clock here now, and a friend is visiting me tomorrow. So I'd better go to sleep now or risk being tired (yeah, right, as if that will be prevented). There is quite certainly quite a few things I forgot to list there. Such as learning a new piano song (Sleepless Beauty - Sacred Air remix), going to a very cool type of non-religious communion in Norway with live concerts and really true speeches about life (and for the first time discovering that Norwegians use traditional clothing called "Bunads" (which are a lot like Scottish kilts with emblems corresponding to what area they're from) for special occasions) and having my Dad visit.

So that's all this time folks.

This last picture I couldn't help myself from uploading. It's so cool that this picture was captured :P.

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