Sunday, 5 July 2009

Up, down, circle, up again and a Yevon greeting

I washed my clothes and all now, so I should be pretty much ready to leave after tomorrow. It's weird having to be gone a whole month. But I'm looking forward to the glorious food I am sure awaits me :D.

And for ONCE it wasn't way too hot today. I'll finally be able to sleep at a normal time (if I choose to, of course :P). And the same applies for Belgium. No horrible nights of the heat forcing you to turn from side to side.

I have one complaint though. I want some sweets right now. But all I have are some biscuits and a bag of chips. I have half a mind to walk all the way to 7-Eleven to just buy a single bag of sweets. But I know it's a waste of both time and money, bwah.

I'll get my exam results in two days. I'm pretty sure I've passed, but we'll see :P.

Nothing much more I'll bother to write about now. Except a French quote by Jules Renard I'll translate to English for ya.

"Happiness is being happy,
it is not making others believe, that we are happy."

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