Monday, 6 July 2009


I had the weirdest dream this morning. A dream I forced to continue each time my alarm rang, because it was so interesting. Well, at least in my drowsy state I thought it was. I ended up having repeatedly postponed my alarm so many times that it gave up (after only trying for 2 hours, lazy alarm clock).

The dream basically was about me being able to control the four elements, although I don't recall using fire in the dream. The trouble was that when other people looked on, I sort of became shy or something, and I couldn't control the stuff. I had to be confident in myself before it worked. To prove to the others that I could really do what I said I had to make a rotating ball of water in front of me. But I just couldn't do it while so many people were watching. I had my hands stretched out in front of that glass of water but I could only manage to get a few drops of water to fly into the air. And that wasn't good enough.

I could make a pillar og earth rise up in front of me and use wind to lift myself and fly a bit with no problems, but that wasn't enough (and I even thought so myself). But I kept trying until I woke up. I normally like dreams about element-bending, but this one was kind of annoying :P. I wonder why it was exactly water-bending that gave me trouble..

I don't know if it was that dream or not. But I've been sleeping on and off the whole day today. And I have to get up relatively early tomorrow. I'll never fall asleep tonight, bwah.

I just realised how huge a difference there is between summer and winter in this country. For example, there's a difference in nearly 9 hours between shortest and longest day here.

I'm going to Belgium tomorrow and after a little while I'm continuing to an island in Croatia called Krk (I'm looking forward to learning how to pronounce that correctly). All in all I'll be gone about a month, so I probably won't get to update this much. Or maybe I will.

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