Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Stranger

It's been a while since my last post. A few things have happened of course.

I've been (by bike again :P) to another friend's summer house in Northern Denmark. It was lots of fun, and some really weird moments occurred. I haven't acted that weird in ages, and it was really nice to be able to act like that once again. The people I normally talk to are making me more grown up, I guess. It's much more fun to be able to act completely random. Even though I probably should not make a habit of acting that weird xD.

Also went to a birthday last Saturday. Very casual and private, but I like that way much better than huge parties and wasting yourself.

Sunday was a completely relaxed day, and on Monday I departed for a three-day camping trip in Northern Denmark again. I've been there a whole lot, I realise :P. But this time I didn't go by bike. It was the first time I've ever slept in a camper. It was a good trip. These friends are different, so this time a lot of drinking was involved. I did indeed up getting pretty drunk the last day before we went home. The first day we were all kind of tired, so nothing major happened. We played a lot of frisbee, and had a really weird walk at night along the beach towards a lighthouse. Even though it was like 5km away, we reached it.

I've never seen a lighthouse like that up close. It had this huge old-fashioned rotating prism and a central light that shone in all directions. The huge, rotating prism then directed the light into three major beams that shone really bright. It was quite fun to watch.

On the last day I got introduced to a fun drinking game, where you're supposed to kind of bound a coin into a cup, and then the next person drinks what's in the cup (beer). I got the technique nearly immediately, but since the other two had been drinking whiskey (which I don't like) I kept making myself lose on purpose.

After a little while one of the two friends who were with me on the trip suddenly became very tired. It was only around 1 o'clock. He then pronounced loudly that he would go to bed. When the other friend then said "Fuck it, I'm not going to bed, I'll drink with you (he was referring to me)", the first friend suddenly (again loudly) changed his mind. I laughed so much because it was so failed. He's supposed to be older than me :P.

Later I got into an idiotic discussion with him concerning the ability to imagine a feeling by intensifying a feeling you had already felt. For example, if you had had a burn wound in the past, would it be possible to imagine amplifying that feeling many times? I believe that is absolutely possible. He didn't. And when I told him that we would never reach an agreement in this, and that we should end the discussion (which was not a fun discussion at all since he began taking it so seriously) he went as far as to say that he had "lost all faith in me". I was like wtf. Not surprisingly, I took that quite seriously. The next day he apologised and said it was just because of his "narrow view on the world" and that it couldn't compare to my "much greater perspective". Bullshit. I still haven't decided what to do about it yet. But this much is certain: A friend would never say something like that.

Anyway, then he sort of passed out. And I sat up talking with the other guy. It was seriously nice. We opened up a lot, and before we knew it the sun had risen and it was around 6.30. Insane :P.

Next day we were all tired and pretty smashed. Me and the guy I had talked to all night were still quite tipsy. So the return trip home by train was sort of hazy. I had a bit of a hangover and I ended up having to lie down, and then I promptly fell asleep and woke around midnight. I hadn't had any breakfast, lunch or dinner. Not so much fun. And all milk I had was too old.

Then came today. Where I got my package from Sweden :D! I went up at 9:30 just to not miss it this time. And the package came. And in it was a completely new Guitar Hero controller with even included batteries. I nearly couldn't believe it. I mean, I got it completely for free. I just had to send a mail saying my controller was broken and they send me a completely new one? Without even asking me to pay postal fees or returning the broken one. I wonder what would happen if I made another request, and said the new one was broken :P. Would I get a third for free? Such a Guitar Hero controller is normally quite expensive in shops. Ah yes, the world is full of mysteries.

After receiving that package from on high, I cycled to my university to meet up with a friend and buy the third book I needed for the next half year (goddamn it I'm tired of buying expensive books). We spent some time researching a bit about what university to go to abroad for our third year. It's between Canada and Australia right now. Universities in the US require a lot of really weird information, and are really a pain to get accepted into. It's a pity, because I really wanted to go there.

I also got to see the freshmen which are starting on our course this year. It was quite fun to remember back at how it had been when I myself was a freshman. Got to say hi to a few of them and talked a bit with a guy who apparently is 18 and comes from France where he also went to an international school. Just like me. He actually reminded me of myself. When he learnt I came from Belgium, he even asked if I wanted to speak French. I would have asked that a year ago too :P.

And here I am now. I think I've done alright. The future right now looks a bit meek, but I trust that nothing is entirely what it seems.

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