Sunday, 9 August 2009


Well, it's Sunday today. The week went by quite rapidly in fact. Work is starting to get routine, and I'm busy all the time now. It's quite nice being busy actually.

Summer house thing was actually quite fun (although the bike ride of 55km each way was a little challenging), even though I was a bit surprised at first that there was going to be a third person my age there. I'd only met the guy once before, but he was quite fun actually, although I didn't always agree with everything that happened. But that's bound to happen with three people.

After the bike ride to the summer house, I was met by two grinning faces congratulating me on a good job biking all the way there, as well as about 12 different beers, which apparently were for me to drink that night. And drunk both me and the beers got. We drank it in this huge holiday centre that had all kinds of cool facilities, but everything was kind of deserted at night. so we had it all for ourselves. It was quite cool actually. There was even a piano. And I discovered that it's actually not always so easy to remember all the notes when you're drunk. Even though I think I did alright. The next day I can't actually remember what happened other than I ate a huge ice cream which was really cheap. And that we went and found a geocache with a flashlight in the night. Quite fun. And the next day we went up early and swam in the sea (which was surprisingly not so cold after all). And then the bike trip home, which took three hours because of a strong headwind. Once I finally got home to my apartment, I was smashed.

The following day I had to get up a 9 o'clock for a badminton game with a girl my age, her younger brother and my younger brother. It was actually really fun, and me and the girl got invited to play a double with some older people, who were training that day. They won, unfortunately, but they were really good. They told me afterwards though, that they could see by my playstyle that I was really good as well, and I was quick as hell :). I was really proud of that. And I asked them for a rematch some other Saturday with my usual playing partner, and they agreed. I look forward to it.

In the afternoon a friend from university suddenly came around, and we ended up drinking a couple of beers. We had fun talking and suddenly time had passed quickly. There was this reunion in the evening with people from my old Belgian school, and I missed the train I was supposed to take. So I was 40 minutes late. But it wasn't a problem. I managed to find them in the park where we had agreed to meet. And it was loads of fun. There were quite a lot, and it was really fun seeing them again. And there was, of course, more beer. I stayed for dinner, but I didn't follow some of them to town, because I was simply exhausted and had another appointment the following day. I was home a bit past midnight.

Sunday, today, was sunny, and meeting up with two people from university, we went on this kind of tourist barge that tours the canals in Copenhagen. It wasn't very impressive (at least I didn't think so). There was, inevitably, also beer present. In nice quantities. But we had fun and the hours disappeared quickly while we hung out. After having lunch we decided to go to the cinema in the evening. So after a bit more time (and beer lifespan) had passed we went and saw The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3. I really liked it. We had dinner at McDonalds afterwards. Quite a lot of money was spent this day.

Some other stuff was also planned for later in the holidays, but it's not finally decided. A canoe trip, a birthday party and a camping holiday in the exact same town as the one I biked to to visit my friend's summer house (this camping trip would be with other people, though). I don't know if they'll happen or not, but we'll see.

Tomorrow I have nothing planned at all. And I'm happy for that. Except for a bit of work in the evening, I can relax completely. And there will be NO beers :P. I do have one beer left from today in my refrigerator, but it will have to be lonely in there for a little while longer.

That'll be the end for today. I'm going to watch BrĂ¼no tomorrow, I think. Or maybe tonight. I haven't decided yet.

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